# Series Author Next Book Progress
1 Kate Daniels Andrews, Ilona, Current
2 Mortal Instruments Clare, Cassandra, Current
3 The Forbidden Bond Miller, Cat, Current
4 Changeling Harper, Dani, Current
5 Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson Briggs, Patricia, Storm Cursed (#11) 92% (12 of 13)
6 Night Huntress Frost, Jeaniene, Current
7 Night Huntress World Frost, Jeaniene, Current
8 Night Prince Frost, Jeaniene, Current
9 Midnight Breed Adrian, Lara, Break the Day (#16) 96% (25 of 26)
10 Curran POV Andrews, Ilona, Andrews, Gordon, Current
11 II AM Trilogy Buecheler, Christopher, Current
12 Cassandra Palmer Chance, Karen, Brave the Tempest (#9) 95% (20 of 21)
13 Dorina Basarab, Dhampir Chance, Karen, Dragon’s Claw (#4.5) 80% (8 of 10)
14 Infernal Devices Clare, Cassandra, Current
15 The Immortals After Dark Cole, Kresley, Munro (#19) 90% (18 of 20)
16 Arcana Chronicles Cole, Kresley, Current
17 Dulcie O'Neil Mallory, H P, Current
18 Jolie Wilkins Mallory, H P, Current
19 A Song Of Ice and fire Martin, George R. R., The Winds of Winter (#6) 71% (5 of 7)
20 Highlander Moning, Karen Marie, Current
21 MacKayla Lane (Fever) Moning, Karen Marie, Current
22 Rylie Cruz Pressey, Rose, Current
23 Larue Donavan Pressey, Rose, Current
24 The Blue Fire Saga Prussing, Scott, Current
25 Fallen Angels Ward, J. R., Current
26 Black Dagger Brotherhood Ward, J. R., The Thief (#16) 77% (17 of 22)
27 Edie Spence Alexander, Cassie, Nightshifted (#1) Not started
28 The Edge Andrews, Ilona, Current
29 Kinsmen Andrews, Ilona, Current
30 Darkness Rising Armstrong, Kelley, Current
31 Otherworld Tales & Anthologies Armstrong, Kelley, Kilpatrick, Nancy, Kasturi, Sandra, Current
32 Darkest Powers Armstrong, Kelley, Current
33 Women of the Otherworld Armstrong, Kelley, Current
34 Riley Jenson Guardian Arthur, Keri, Current
35 Arcadia Bell Bennett, Jenn, Kindling the Moon (#1) Not started
36 Otherkin Berry, Nina, Otherkin (#1) Not started
37 Ashes Trilogy Bick, Ilsa J, Ashes (#1) Not started
38 Shaede Assassin Bonilla, Amanda, Shaedes of Gray (#1) Not started
39 Alpha and Omega Briggs, Patricia, Current
40 The Dresden Files Series Butcher, Jim, Storm Front (#1) Not started
41 The Dresden Files: The Short Stories Butcher, Jim, A Restoration of Faith (#1) Not started
42 Weather Warden Caine, Rachel, Ill Wind (#1) Not started
43 Morganville Vampires Caine, Rachel, Current
44 Outcast Season Caine, Rachel, Undone (#1) Not started
45 The Selection Cass, Kiera, The Prince (#0.5) Not started
46 House of Night Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Marked (#1) Not started
47 House of Night Novellas Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Dragon's Oath (#1) Not started
48 The Dacians Cole, Kresley, Current
49 Breathe Crossan, Sarah, Breathe (#1) Not started
50 Secret McQueen Dean, Sierra, Secret Lives (#9) 91% (10 of 11)
51 The Dark Days Drake, Jocelynn, Current
52 The Asylum Tales Drake, Jocelynn, Current
53 Caledonia Fae Drummond, India, Blood Faerie (#1) Not started
54 Penryn & the End of Days Ee, Susan, Angelfall (#1) Not started
55 Hush Fitzpatrick, Becca, Current
56 Horngate Witches Francis, Diana Pharaoh, Bitter Night (#1) Not started
57 Pretty When She... Trilogy Frater, Rhiannon, Current
58 The Hunt Fukuda, Andrew, The Hunt (#1) Not started
59 Outlander Gabaldon, Diana, Virgins (#0.5) Not started
60 Sisters of the Moon - Otherworld Galenorn, Yasmine, Etched in Silver (#0.5) Not started
61 Indigo Court Galenorn, Yasmine, Night Myst (#1) Not started
62 Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Hamilton, Laurell K., Strange Candy (#0.5) Not started
63 Valerie Dearborn Hanson, Caroline, Current
64 All Souls Trilogy Harkness, Deborah, The World of All Souls: The Complete Guide to A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life (#Companion) 75% (3 of 4)
65 Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Harris, Charlaine, Current
66 Light Blade Griffin, Kylie, Vengeance Born (#1) Not started
67 Rachel Morgan / The Hollows Harrison, Kim, Current
68 Elder Races Harrison, Thea, Dragon Bound (#1) Not started
69 Hex Hall Hawkins, Rachel, Hex Hall (#1) Not started
70 Iron Druid Chronicles Hearne, Kevin, The Grimoire of the Lamb (#0.4) Not started
71 Deadtown Holzner, Nancy, Deadtown (#1) Not started
72 Jane Yellowrock Hunter, Faith, Murphy, C E, WeSa and the Lumber King (#0.1) Not started
73 Lorien Legacies Lore, Pittacus, Current
74 Demonica Ione, Larissa, Cipher (#16) 92% (23 of 25)
75 Lords of Deliverance Ione, Larissa, Current
76 Alex Verus Jacka, Benedict, Fated (#1) Not started
77 Dark Ink Chronicles Jasper, Elle, Afterlight (#1) Not started
78 Sentinels of New Orleans Johnson, Suzanne, Royal Street (#1) Not started
79 Charley Davidson Jones, Darynda, First Grave On the Right (#1) Not started
80 Darklight Jones, Darynda, Death and the Girl Next Door (#1) Not started
81 The Neumarian Chronicles Knight, Ciara, Current
82 Dani O'Malley (Fever World Trilogy) Moning, Karen Marie, Current
83 I Am Number Four: The Lost Files Lore, Pittacus, Current
84 Bane Chronicles Clare, Cassandra, Current
85 His Fair Assassin LaFevers, R L, LaFevers, Robin, (#) Not started
86 Wondrous Strange Livingston, Lesley, Wondrous Strange (#1) Not started
87 Starling Livingston, Lesley, Starling (#1) Not started
88 Darkness Before Dawn London, J. A., Current
89 Witch MacCullough, Carolyn, Once a Witch (#1) Not started
90 The Iron Witch Mahoney, Karen, The Lost Boy (#0.5) Not started
91 Warm Bodies Marion, Isaac, (#) 50% (2 of 4)
92 Argeneau Vampires Sands, Lynsay, Immortal Unchained (#25) 81% (26 of 32)
93 Vampire Academy Mead, Richelle, Current
94 Skye Morrison McCoy, J. L., Blood of the Son (#1) Not started
95 October Daye McGuire, Seanan, The Fixed Stars (#0.01) Not started
96 Georgina Kincaid (Succubus) Mead, Richelle, Current
97 Bloodlines Mead, Richelle, Current
98 Dreg City Meding, Kelly, The Hoarder (#0.5) Not started
99 Allie Beckstrom Monk, Devon, Magic to the Bone (#1) Not started
100 Broken Magic Monk, Devon, Hell Bent (#1) Not started
101 Kat Redding Moore, E S, To Walk the Night (#1) Not started
102 Chicagoland Vampires Neill, Chloe, High Stakes (#8.5) 67% (12 of 18)
103 Birthmarked O'Brien, Caragh M, Birthmarked (#1) Not started
104 Demon Trappers Oliver, Jana, Retro Demonology (#0) Not started
105 Abby Sinclair Pang, Allison, Carniepunk (#0.5) Not started
106 Revenants Plum, Amy, Die for Me (#1) Not started
107 Alex Craft Price, Kalayna, Grave Witch (#1) Not started
108 Courier's Daughter Trilogy Redwine, C J, Defiance (#1) Not started
109 Greywalker Richardson, Kat, Greywalker (#1) Not started
110 Under the Never Sky Rossi, Veronica, Under the Never Sky (#1) Not started
111 Divergent Roth, Veronica, The Transfer: A Divergent Story (#0.1) Not started
112 Kara Gillian Rowland, Diana, Mark of the Demon (#1) Not started
113 White Rabbit Chronicles Showalter, Gena, Current
114 WVMP Radio Smith-Ready, Jeri, Wicked Game (#1) Not started
115 Healer Snyder, Maria V, Touch of Power (#1) Not started
116 Blood Brothers Sisco, Greg, Current
117 Immortal City Speer, Scott, Immortal City (#1) Not started
118 Skylark Spooner, Meagan, Skylark (#1) Not started
119 The Forsaken Trilogy Stasse, Lisa M., The Forsaken (#1) Not started
120 Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy Stiefvater, Maggie, Shiver (#1) Not started
121 Raven Cycle Stiefvater, Maggie, The Raven Boys (#1) Not started
122 Kitty Norville Vaughn, Carrie, Kitty and the Midnight Hour (#1) Not started
123 Partials Wells, Dan, Partials (#1) Not started
124 Sabina Kane Wells, Jaye, Current
125 McKenzie Lewis Williams, Sandy, Current
126 Watchers Wolff, Veronica, Isle of Night (#1) Not started
127 Resistance Wade, Rachael, Amaranth (#1) Not started
128 Dustlands Young, Moira, Blood Red Road (#1) Not started
129 White Trash Zombie Rowland, Diana, My Life as A White Trash Zombie (#1) Not started
130 The Vampire Agape Cates, Georgia, Blood of Anteros (#1) Not started
131 Age of Legends Armstrong, Kelley, Current
132 Bound By Night Ione, Larissa, Bound By Night (#1) Not started
133 Others Bishop, Anne, Written In Red (#1) Not started
134 Cainsville Armstrong, Kelley, "Gabriel’s Gargoyles" in Gifter (#0.5) Not started
135 Dark Age Dawning Connor, Ellen, Nightfall (#1) Not started
136 In Darkness We Must Abide Frater, Rhiannon, Current
137 The Dark Artifices Clare, Cassandra, Lady Midnight (#1) Not started
138 The Prospero's War Wells, Jaye, Dirty Magic (#1) Not started
139 Night Creatures Pierres, Marianne de, Burn Bright (#1) Not started
140 Replica Trilogy Black, Jenna, Replica (#1) Not started
141 As The World Dies Frater, Rhiannon, Current
142 Vampire Bride Frater, Rhiannon, Current
143 Hellhound Volley, Rue, Current
144 Clean Sweep Andrews, Ilona, Clean Sweep (#1) Not started
145 Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Danley, Kate, Maggie for Hire (#1) Not started
146 Untitled Plum, Amy, After the End (#1) Not started
147 Winner's Trilogy Rutkoski, Marie, Bridge of Snow (#0.5) Not started
148 Walking Plague Trilogy Rain, J. R., Basque, Elizabeth, Current
149 Benny Imura Maberry, Jonathan, Current
150 Hidden Legacy Andrews, Ilona, Burn for Me (#1) Not started
151 Blog of the Dead Richardson, Lisa, Current
152 Harry Potter Rowling, J. K., Current
153 Strain Trilogy del Toro, Guillermo, Hogan, Chuck, The Strain (#1) Not started
154 Zombie Thriller Tripp, Ben, Rise Again (#1) Not started
155 Barely Alive Paulson, Bonnie R., Current
156 Ashley Parker Fredsti, Dana, Plague Town (#1) Not started
157 The Becoming Meigs, Jessica, Current
158 Alaskan Undead Apocalypse Schubert, Sean, Current
159 Devil's Isle Neill, Chloe, The Veil (#1) Not started
160 Invasion of the Dead Baillie, Owen, Aftermath (#1) Not started
161 The Contagium Trilogy Goodwin, Emily, Current
162 Undead Rain Harbinger, Shaun, Rain (#1) Not started
163 Fly by Night Galenorn, Yasmine, Flight from Hell (#15.5) Not started
164 Aftertime Littlefield, Sophie, Aftertime (#1) Not started
165 Starbound Spooner, Meagan, Kaufman, Amie, The Threads We Weave (#0.5) Not started
166 Discworld Pratchett, Terry, The Colour of Magic (#1) Not started
167 Great Library Caine, Rachel, Tigers in the Cage (#0.1) Not started
168 Last Bastion Frater, Rhiannon, Current
169 Blood Soaked Crawford, James, Blood Soaked and Contagious (#1) Not started
170 The Last Hours Clare, Cassandra, Chain of Gold (#1) Not started
171 Contamination Piperbrook, T. W., Current
172 Dead Brown, TW, Dead: The Ugly Beginning (#1) Not started
173 Dead McKinnon, Iain, Domain of the Dead (#1) Not started
174 The Hunger Brant, Jason, Devoured (#1) Not started
175 Slow Burn Adair, Bobby, Slow Burn: Zero Day (#1) Not started
176 The Undead World Meredith, Peter, The Apocalypse (#1) Not started
177 Omega Days Campbell, John L, Omega Days (#1) Not started
178 What Zombies Fear Allmond, Kirk, Current
179 Mountain Man Blackmore, Keith C., Current
180 Outage Piperbrook, T. W., Current
181 The Last Survivors Piperbrook, T. W., Adair, Bobby, The Last Survivors (#1) Not started
182 Z-Burbia Bible, Jake, Z-Burbia (#1) Not started
183 Anomaly Williams, Sandy, Shades of Treason (#1) Not started
184 The Dark Trilogy D'Orazio, Patrick, Current
185 Furnace Smith, Alexander Gordon, Current
186 Meridian Six Wells, Jaye, Meridian Six (#1) Not started
187 Paradox Bach, Rachel, Current
188 Whisper Hollow Galenorn, Yasmine, Autumn Thorns (#1) Not started
189 The Apocalypse Crusade Meredith, Peter, War of the Undead Day One (#1) Not started
190 Z-Risen Long, Timothy W, Outbreak (#1) Not started
191 Breeders French, Katie, The Breeders (#1) Not started
192 Everlife Showalter, Gena, Firstlife (#1) Not started
193 In the After Lunetta, Demitria, In the After (#1) Not started
194 Heartstrikers Aaron, Rachel, Nice Dragons Finish Last (#1) Not started
195 The Fury Smith, Alexander Gordon, Current
196 Ashfall Mullin, Mike, Darla's Story (#0.5) Not started
197 Dragonlands Jensen, Megg, Hidden (#1) Not started
198 The Devil's Engine Smith, Alexander Gordon, Hellraisers (#1) Not started
199 Grey Wolf Andrews, Ilona, Current
200 The Cinder Spires Butcher, Jim, The Aeronaut's Windlass (#1) Not started
201 The Paranormals Bryan, J L, Current
202 Sirantha Jax Aguirre, Ann, Current
203 Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne, Current
204 Ironskin Connolly, Tina, Ironskin (#1) Not started
205 Pulse Knapp, Eloise J., Pulse (#1) Not started
206 Undead Knapp, Eloise J., The Undead Situation (#1) Not started
207 Arisen Fuchs, Michael Stephen, James, Glynn, Arisen: Genesis (#0) Not started
208 Pine Deep Maberry, Jonathan, Current
209 Forsaken Stars Saga Jensen, Megg, Attack on Phoenix (#1) Not started
210 Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Bryan, J L, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (#1) Not started
211 Orbs Smith, Nicholas Sansbury, Current
212 LZR-1143 James, Bryan, LZR-1143: Infection (#1) Not started
213 Omega Six Five James, Bryan, Awakening (#1) Not started
214 Miss Peregrine Riggs, Ransom, A Map Of Days (#4) 80% (4 of 5)
215 Kingkiller Chronicle Rothfuss, Patrick, The Name of the Wind (#1) Not started
216 Monument 14 Laybourne, Emmy, Dress Your Marines in White (#0.5) Not started
217 This Would Be Paradise Iverson, N.D., This Would Be Paradise Book 1 (#1) Not started
218 Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Clare, Cassandra, Wasserman, Robin, Brennan, Sarah Rees, Johnson, Maureen, Brenna, Sarah Rees, Current
219 Fifth Wave Yancey, Rick, Current
220 Dead: Snapshot Brown, TW, Portland, Oregon (#1) Not started
221 The Lost Night Drake, Jocelynn, Current
222 Ambassador Jansen, Patty, Seeing Red (#1) Not started
223 Fury Unbound Galenorn, Yasmine, Fury Rising (#1) Not started
224 Genie McQueen Dean, Sierra, Bayou Blues (#1) Not started
225 Holden Chancery Dean, Sierra, Current
226 Dred Chronicles Aguirre, Ann, Current
227 The Thirteen Murray, J. L., Jenny Undead (#1) Not started
228 Victor Tookes Adventure Allmond, Kirk, Current
229 Zombie Fallout Tufo, Mark, Zombie Fallout (#1) Not started
230 A Zombie Tale Tufo, Mark, Current
231 The Ember War Saga Fox, Richard, The Ember War (#1) Not started
232 Fallen Empire Buroker, Lindsay, Current
233 Old Kingdom Nix, Garth, Sabriel (#1) Not started
234 Web Shifters Czerneda, Julie E, Beholder's Eye (#1) Not started
235 Miles Vorkosigan Bujold, Lois McMaster, Dreamweaver's Dilemma (#0.5) Not started
236 Vatta's War Moon, Elizabeth, Trading in Danger (#1) Not started
237 After Nicholson, Scott, First Light (#0) Not started
238 Next Nicholson, Scott, Afterburn (#1) Not started
239 Moonshadow Harrison, Thea, Moonshadow (#1) Not started
240 Saxon Chronicles Cornwell, Bernard, The Last Kingdom (#1) Not started
241 Imperial Radch Leckie, Ann, Night's Slow Poison (#0.5) Not started
242 Wayfarers Chambers, Becky, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (#1) Not started
243 The Hell Divers Trilogy Smith, Nicholas Sansbury, Hell Divers (#1) Not started
244 The Living Dead Boy Frater, Rhiannon, Current
245 Lorien Legacies Reborn Lore, Pittacus, Current
246 New Dead Brown, TW, Dead: Onset (#1) Not started
247 The Ruins Piperbrook, T. W., The Ruins (#1) Not started
248 Hunter Legacy Adrian, Lara, Current
249 Xenogenesis Butler, Octavia E, Dawn (#1) Not started
250 Fledgling Butler, Octavia E, Fledgling (#1) Not started
251 Temeraire Novik, Naomi, Feast or Famine (#1.5) 91% (10 of 11)
252 Nekropolis Waggoner, Tim, Nekropolis (#1) Not started
253 Lightbringer Weeks, Brent, The Black Prism (#1) Not started
254 Red Rising Brown, Pierce, Dark Age (#5) 67% (4 of 6)
255 Chronicles of the Black Gate Tucker, Phil, Escape From Bythos (#0.5) Not started
256 The Spiral Wars Shepherd, Joel, Renegade (#1) Not started
257 King's Dark Tidings Kade, Kel, Free the Darkness (#1) Not started
258 First Law Abercrombie, Joe, The Blade Itself (#1) Not started
259 Vagrant Newman, Peter, Current
260 Dark Inside Roberts, Jeyn, Dark Inside (#1) Not started
261 The Grim Company Scull, Luke, The Grim Company (#1) Not started
262 The Grey Bastards French, Jonathan, The True Bastards (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
263 CONFLUENCE Wells, Jennifer Foehner, Fluency (#1) Not started
264 House of Night Other World Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Loved (#1) Not started
265 Breeds Blackmore, Keith C., Current
266 Harmony Black Schaefer, Craig, Harmony Black (#1) Not started
267 Vatta's Peace Moon, Elizabeth, Cold Welcome (#1) Not started
268 Broken Empire Lawrence, Mark, Prince of Thorns (#1) Not started
269 Theirs Not To Reason Why Johnson, Jean, A Soldier's Duty (#1) Not started
270 First Salik War Johnson, Jean, The Terrans (#1) Not started
271 The Living Blade Whitecastle, Timandra, Touch of Iron (#1) Not started
272 131 Days Blackmore, Keith C., 131 Days (#1) Not started
273 Zombie Ocean Grist, Michael John, The Last (#1) Not started
274 Mech Wars Bartlett, Scott, Powered (#1) Not started
275 River of Teeth Gailey, Sarah, Current
276 Old Man's War Scalzi, John, Old Man's War (#1) Not started
277 Hogwarts Library Rowling, J. K., Current
278 Ixan Prophecies Trilogy Bartlett, Scott, Traitor (#0.5) Not started
279 The Legacy Chronicles Lore, Pittacus, Raising Monsters (#5) 80% (4 of 5)
280 The Band Eames, Nicholas, Kings of the Wyld (#1) Not started
281 Bobiverse Taylor, Dennis E., We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (#1) Not started
282 SPI Files Shearin, Lisa, Lucky Charms in Night Shift (#0.5) Not started
283 Black Dagger Legacy Ward, J. R., Current
284 Soulwood Hunter, Faith, How Occam Got His Name (#0.1) Not started
285 The Arkship Saga Bushnell, Niel, Arkship Countdown (#0.5) Not started
286 Ixan Legacy Bartlett, Scott, Captain and Command (#0.5) Not started
287 1001 Dark Nights Phillips, Carly, Showalter, Gena, Adrian, Lara, Ivy, Alexandra, Black, Shayla, Graham, Heather, Ione, Larissa, Grant, Donna, Kenner, Julie, James, Lorelei, Naughton, Elisabeth, Jones, Lisa Renee, Sinclair, Cherise, Shalvis, Jill, Wright, Laura, Ashley, Kristen, Folsom, Tina, Zanetti, Rebecca, Armentrout, Jennifer L, Hart, Liliana, Blake, Lexi, Kaye, Laura, Ryan, Carrie Ann, Probst, Jennifer, Wylde, Joanna, Dyken, Rachel Van, Ryan, Kendall, Proby, Kristen, Kenner, J., Scott, Kylie, Bailey, Tessa, Reiss, CD, Bromberg, K., Blakely, Lauren, Paige, Laurelin, Foster, Melissa, Rice, Christopher, Michaels, Corinne, Stoker, Susan, The First Night (#0.5) 7% (8 of 118)
288 Southern Reach Trilogy VanderMeer, Jeff, Current
289 The Empty Throne Polansky, Daniel, Those Above (#1) Not started
290 Free Trader Martelle, Craig, The Free Trader of Warren Deep (#1) Not started
291 Cygnus Martelle, Craig, Cygnus Rising: Humanity Returns to Space (#1) Not started
292 Razorland Aguirre, Ann, Current
293 Night Rebel Frost, Jeaniene, Shades of Wicked (#1) Not started
294 Jack Zombie Maxwell, Flint, Test Subject 001 (#0.5) Not started
295 The Hidden Necromancer Frater, Rhiannon, The Necromancer (#0.5) Not started
296 Sandstorm Piperbrook, T. W., Sandstorm (#1) Not started
297 Generation Z Meredith, Peter, Generation Z (#1) Not started
298 The Chronicles of Breed Davies, K T, Current
299 Sky Full of Stars Buroker, Lindsay, Current
300 Heritage of Power Buroker, Lindsay, Dragon Storm (#1) Not started
301 The Wings of War O'Connor, Bryce, Child of The Daystar (#1) Not started
302 All Souls Universe Harkness, Deborah, Time's Convert (#1) Not started
303 Dragon Blood Buroker, Lindsay, Balanced on the Blade's Edge (#1) Not started
304 Web Shifter's Library Czerneda, Julie E, Search Image (#1) Not started
305 DFZ Aaron, Rachel, Minimum Wage Magic (#1) Not started
306 The Flipside Bible, Jake, The Flipside (#1) 50% (1 of 2)
307 Broken Lands Maberry, Jonathan, Broken Lands (#1) Not started
308 Masters and Mercenaries Ione, Larissa, Blake, Lexi, The Dom Who Loved Me (#1) 3% (1 of 33)
309 Lia de Croissets Chance, Karen, Current
310 Dragon School Wilson, Sarah K.L., Current
311 Dread Nation Ireland, Justina, Dread Nation (#1) Not started
312 The Peri Reed Chronicles Harrison, Kim, Velveteen Rabbits on Fire (#0.4) 14% (1 of 7)