# Series Author Next Book Progress
1 Casa Dracula Acosta, Marta, Current
2 Cheese Shop Mystery Aames, Avery, Current
3 Drakon Abé, Shana, Current
4 Figure Skating Mystery Adams, Alina, Murder On Ice (#1) Not started
5 Thrall Adams, C T, Clamp, Cathy, Touch of Evil (#1) Not started
6 Alice Nestleton Adamson, Lydia, A Cat in the Manger (#1) Not started
7 The China Bayles Herbal Mysteries Albert, Susan Wittig, Hangman's Root (#3) 7% (2 of 27)
8 Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery Allan, Barbara, Antiques Roadkill (#1) Not started
9 Turing Hopper Andrews, Donna, Current
10 Meg Langslow Andrews, Donna, Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (#4) 12% (3 of 26)
11 Kate Daniels Andrews, Ilona, A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels prequel) (#0.5) Not started
12 Bewitching Mystery Alt, Madelyn, In Charm's Way (#8) 88% (7 of 8)
13 The Edge Andrews, Ilona, On the Edge (#1) Not started
14 Southern Andrews, Mary Kay, Savannah Blues (#1) Not started
15 Shooting Stars Andrews, V. C., Cinnamon (#1) Not started
16 Dollanganger Andrews, V. C., Current
17 Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Harris, Charlaine, Current
18 The Harper Connelly Mysteries Harris, Charlaine, Current
19 The Lily Bard Mysteries Harris, Charlaine, Current
20 Aurora Teagarden Harris, Charlaine, Sleep Like a Baby (#10) 90% (9 of 10)
21 Blood Ties Armintrout, Jennifer, The Turning (#1) Not started
22 Tiki Goddess Landis, Jill Marie, Mai Tai One On (#1) Not started
23 Haunted Home Renovation Blackwell, Juliet, If Walls Could Talk (#1) Not started
24 Witchcraft Mystery Blackwell, Juliet, A Magical Match (#9) 82% (9 of 11)
25 Sunwalker Saga MacLeod, Shea, Kissed by Darkness (#1) Not started
26 The Belgariad Eddings, David, Current
27 Malloreon Eddings, David, Current
28 Elenium Eddings, David, The Diamond Throne (#1) Not started
29 Dreamers Eddings, David, The Elder Gods (#1) Not started
30 The Savannah Coven Kates, Suza, Whisper of a Witch (#1) Not started
31 Mortal Instruments Clare, Cassandra, Shadowhunters and Downworlders (#Reader) 86% (6 of 7)
32 Immortals Popp, Robin T, Ashley, Jennifer, Nash, Joy, The Reckoning (omnibus) (#Omnibus) Not started
33 Midnight, Texas Harris, Charlaine, Current
34 Harry Potter Rowling, J. K., Harry Potter: The Prequel (#0.5) 78% (7 of 9)
35 Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne, Current
36 Twilight Meyer, Stephenie, Twilight (#1) Not started
37 Black Dagger Brotherhood Ward, J. R., Lover Unleashed (#9) 41% (9 of 22)
38 Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson Briggs, Patricia, Homecoming (#0) Not started
39 The Stephanie Plum Series Evanovich, Janet, Look Alive Twenty-Five (#25) 97% (28 of 29)
40 Stephanie Plum Between-the-Numbers Novels Evanovich, Janet, Current
41 Night Huntress Frost, Jeaniene, Reckoning (#0.5) Not started
42 MacKayla Lane (Fever) Moning, Karen Marie, Darkfever (#1) Not started
43 Dark Hunters Kenyon, Sherrilyn, The Beginning (#0.5) Not started
44 Midnight Breed Adrian, Lara, A Touch of Midnight (#0.5) Not started
45 The Immortals After Dark Cole, Kresley, The Warlord Wants Forever (#1) Not started
46 The Dresden Files Butcher, Jim, Storm Front (#1) Not started
47 Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Hamilton, Laurell K., Strange Candy (#0.5) Not started
48 Meredith Gentry Hamilton, Laurell K., A Kiss of Shadows (#1) Not started
49 Fallen Angels Ward, J. R., Covet (#1) Not started
50 In Death Roberts, Nora, Robb, J. D., Naked In Death (#1) Not started
51 Rachel Morgan / The Hollows Harrison, Kim, The Turn (#0.1) 15% (4 of 26)
52 Georgina Kincaid (Succubus) Mead, Richelle, Succubus Blues (#1) Not started
53 Alpha and Omega Briggs, Patricia, Alpha and Omega (#0) Not started
54 Sianim Briggs, Patricia, Masques (#1) Not started
55 Raven Duology Briggs, Patricia, Raven's Shadow (#1) Not started
56 Atlantis Showalter, Gena, Heart Of The Dragon (#1) Not started
57 Tales of an Extraordinary Girl Showalter, Gena, Playing with Fire (#1) Not started
58 Imperia Showalter, Gena, The Pleasure Slave (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
59 Mysteria Showalter, Gena, Davidson, MaryJanice, Cast, P C, Grant, Susan, Mysteria (#1) Not started
60 Divine Cast, P C, Divine By Mistake (#1) Not started
61 The Millennium Trilogy Larsson, Stieg, Lagercrantz, David, The Girl in the Spider's Web (#4) 50% (3 of 6)
62 Robert Langdon Brown, Dan, The Lost Symbol (#3) 40% (2 of 5)
63 Highlander Moning, Karen Marie, Beyond the Highland Mist (#1) 12% (1 of 8)
64 Infernal Devices Clare, Cassandra, Current
65 Bane Chronicles Clare, Cassandra, The Runaway Queen (#2) 9% (1 of 11)
66 Beautiful Creatures Garcia, Kami, Stohl, Margaret, Beautiful Darkness (#2) 20% (1 of 5)
67 Divergent Roth, Veronica, The Transfer: A Divergent Story (#0.1) 33% (3 of 9)
68 Morganville Vampires Caine, Rachel, "First Day of the Rest of Your Life" in Many Bloody Returns (#0.5) 89% (16 of 18)
69 Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries Chase, Erika, A Killer Read (#1) Not started
70 Secret Country Dean, Pamela, The Secret Country (#1) Not started
71 Ellen McKenzie Delaney, Kathleen, Dying for a Change (#1) Not started
72 Missing Pieces Mystery Lavene, Jim, A Timely Vision (#1) Not started
73 Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Lavene, Jim, Pretty Poison (#1) Not started
74 Renaissance Faire Mystery Lavene, Jim, Lavene, Joyce, Wicked Weaves (#1) Not started
75 Daughters of the Glen Mayhue, Melissa, Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband (#1) Not started
76 Bride Quartet Roberts, Nora, Bed of Roses (#2) Not started
77 Lucy Valentine Webber, Heather, Truly, Madly (#1) Not started
78 Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Dunnett, Kaitlyn, Kilt Dead (#1) Not started
79 Code-breaking Kenner, Julie, The Givenchy Code (#1) Not started
80 Demon-hunting Soccer Mom Kenner, Julie, Pax Demonica (#6) 86% (6 of 7)
81 Aphrodite Kenner, Julie, The Cat's Fancy (#0.5) Not started
82 Beth Frasier Kenner, Julie, The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even (#1) Not started
83 Blood Lily Chronicles Kenner, Julie, Tainted (#1) Not started
84 Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
85 Sign of Seven Roberts, Nora, Current
86 Irish Hearts Roberts, Nora, Current
87 MacGregor Roberts, Nora, Current
88 Cordina's Royal Family Roberts, Nora, Affaire Royale (#1) Not started
89 O'Hurley Roberts, Nora, The Last Honest Woman (#1) Not started
90 Night Tales Roberts, Nora, Night Shift (#1) Not started
91 Stanislaski Family Roberts, Nora, Taming Natasha (#1) Not started
92 Donovan Legacy Roberts, Nora, Captivated (#1) Not started
93 Mackade Brothers Roberts, Nora, The Return of Rafe MacKade (#1) Not started
94 Dream Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Daring to Dream (#1) Not started
95 Stars of Mithra Roberts, Nora, Hidden Star (#1) Not started
96 Irish Gallagher's Pub Roberts, Nora, Jewels of the Sun (#1) Not started
97 Three Sister's Island Roberts, Nora, Current
98 Key Roberts, Nora, Current
99 In The Garden Roberts, Nora, Current
100 Circle Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
101 Concannon Sisters Trilogy (Born In) Roberts, Nora, Current
102 Chesapeake Bay Roberts, Nora, Sea Swept (#1) Not started
103 Calhoun Women Roberts, Nora, Courting Catherine (#1) Not started
104 D.C. Detectives Roberts, Nora, Sacred Sins (#1) Not started
105 Time and Again Roberts, Nora, Time Was (#1) Not started
106 Bannion Family Roberts, Nora, Reflections (#1) Not started
107 Great Chefs Roberts, Nora, Summer Desserts (#1) Not started
108 Celebrity Magazine Roberts, Nora, Second Nature (#1) Not started
109 Jack's History Roberts, Nora, Loving Jack (#1) Not started
110 Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
111 Big Stone Gap Trigiani, Adriana, Big Stone Gap (#1) Not started
112 Nina Quinn Webber, Heather, A Hoe Lot of Trouble (#1) Not started
113 Dark Crescent Sisterhood Windsor, Anna, Bound By Shadow (#1) Not started
114 Ghostly Southern Mystery Kappes, Tonya, A Ghostly Reunion (#5) 57% (4 of 7)
115 Chocolate Covered Mystery Aarons, Kathy, Current
116 The Sweetest Dark Abé, Shana, The Sweetest Dark (#1) Not started
117 Books by the Bay Mystery Adams, Ellery, A Killer Plot (#1) Not started
118 Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery Adams, Ellery, Pies and Prejudice (#1) Not started
119 Book Retreat Mystery Adams, Ellery, Murder in the Mystery Suite (#1) Not started
120 Antiques & Collectibles Mystery Adams, Ellery, Stanley, J B, A Killer Collection (#1) Not started
121 Hope Street Church Mystery Adams, Ellery, The Path of the Crooked (#1) Not started
122 The Fae Adams, C T, The Exile (#1) Not started
123 Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Adamson, Lydia, Dr. Nightingale Comes Home (#1) Not started
124 Lucy Wayles Adamson, Lydia, Beware the Tufted Duck (#1) Not started
125 Emily Ashton Alexander, Tasha, And Only to Deceive (#1) Not started
126 Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Albert, Susan Wittig, The Tale of Hill Top Farm (#1) Not started
127 Darling Dahlias Albert, Susan Wittig, The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree (#1) Not started
128 Effington Family Alexander, Victoria, The Wedding Bargain (#1) Not started
129 Last Man Standing Alexander, Victoria, A Little Bit Wicked (#1) Not started
130 Harrington Family Alexander, Victoria, The Perfect Wife (#1) Not started
131 Faerie Tale Romance Johnston, Linda O., Alexander, Victoria, Craig, Emma, Jones, Linda, Morgan, Kathleen, Avery, Anne, Wolfe, Bronwyn, Saxe, Coral Smith, Shannon, Colleen, Speer, Flora, Holmes, Kate, The Glass Slipper (#1) Not started
132 It's a Dog's Life Alexander, Victoria, Craig, Emma, Piel, Stobie, Cody, Pat, Kimberlin, Annie, Coombs, Nina, Molly in the Middle (#1) Not started
133 Sinful Family Secrets Alexander, Victoria, The Perfect Mistress (#1) Not started
134 Millworth Manor Alexander, Victoria, What Happens At Christmas (#1) Not started
135 Waverley Family Allen, Sarah Addison, First Frost (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
136 Lost Lake Allen, Sarah Addison, Waking Kate (#.5) Not started
137 Lightworld/Darkworld Armintrout, Jennifer, Queene of Light (#1) Not started
138 The Marnie Baranuik Files Aalto, A. J., Touched (#1) Not started
139 A Pampered Pets Mystery Abbey, Sparkle, Desperate Housedogs (#1) Not started
140 Mack's Bar Mysteries Abbott, Allyson K., Murder on the Rocks (#1) Not started
141 Channie Abel, Charlotte, The Gathering (#0.5) Not started
142 Flower Shop Mysteries Adams, Annie, Deadly Arrangements (#2) 25% (1 of 4)
143 Gentlemen of Honor Adams, Beverly, The Spinster and the Earl (#1) Not started
144 Return to Avalore Adams, Elianne, Flickering Light (#0) Not started
145 Beaufort Brides Adams, Noelle, Hired Bride (#1) Not started
146 Willow Park Adams, Noelle, A Baby for Easter (#2) 20% (1 of 5)
147 Dragon Chalice Adrian, Lara, Heart of the Hunter (#1) Not started
148 Warrior Trilogy Adrian, Lara, White Lion's Lady (#1) Not started
149 The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance Kenyon, Sherrilyn, Adrian, Lara, Day, Alyssa, Frost, Jeaniene, Chance, Karen, Carriger, Gail, McCray, Cheyenne, Gray, Ava, Telep, Trisha, The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (#1) Not started
150 1001 Dark Nights Phillips, Carly, Showalter, Gena, Adrian, Lara, Ivy, Alexandra, Black, Shayla, Graham, Heather, Ione, Larissa, Grant, Donna, Kenner, Julie, James, Lorelei, Naughton, Elisabeth, Jones, Lisa Renee, Sinclair, Cherise, Shalvis, Jill, Wright, Laura, Ashley, Kristen, Folsom, Tina, Zanetti, Rebecca, Armentrout, Jennifer L, Hart, Liliana, Blake, Lexi, Kaye, Laura, Ryan, Carrie Ann, Probst, Jennifer, Wylde, Joanna, Dyken, Rachel Van, Ryan, Kendall, Proby, Kristen, Kenner, J., Scott, Kylie, Bailey, Tessa, Reiss, CD, Bromberg, K., Blakely, Lauren, Paige, Laurelin, Foster, Melissa, Rice, Christopher, Michaels, Corinne, Stoker, Susan, The First Night (#0.5) Not started
151 Castle Mountain Lodge Romance Aitken, Elena, Unexpected Gifts (#1) Not started
152 The Springs Aitken, Elena, Summer of Change (#1) Not started
153 Bakery Detectives Alabaster, Stacey, A Pie To Die For (#1) Not started
154 Craft Circle Cozy Alabaster, Stacey, Steps From Death (#1) Not started
155 Stirring Up Trouble Alexander, Juli, Camp Cauldron (#0.5) Not started
156 Betting on Romance Allan, Cheri, Luck of the Draw (#1) Not started
157 Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop Allen, Robin, If You Can't Stand the Heat (#1) Not started
158 Missy the Werecat Allison, P. G., Missy the Werecat (#1) Not started
159 Dollhouse Allyn, Anya, Thirteen: A Dark Carousel Short Story (#0.5) Not started
160 Body of Art Mystery Ames, Ritter, Counterfeit Conspiracies (#1) Not started
161 Organised Mysteries Ames, Ritter, Organized for Murder (#1) Not started
162 Cassie Scot Amsden, Christine, Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective (#1) Not started
163 Spies of Mayfair Andersen, Maggi, A Baron in Her Bed (#1) Not started
164 The Baxendale Sisters Andersen, Maggi, Lady Honor's Debt (#1) Not started
165 The Midnight Trilogy Eden, Cynthia, Hotter After Midnight (#1) Not started
166 Bookmobile Cat Mysteries Cass, Laurie, Pouncing on Murder (#4) 43% (3 of 7)
167 Texas Hill Country Wingate, Lisa, Texas Cooking (#1) Not started
168 Tending Roses Wingate, Lisa, Tending Roses (#1) Not started
169 Prayer Box Wingate, Lisa, The Tidewater Sisters (#1.5) Not started
170 Bitter Creek Johnston, Joan, The Cowboy (#1) Not started
171 Mail-Order Brides Johnston, Joan, Texas Bride (#9) Not started
172 Women of the Otherworld Armstrong, Kelley, Bitten (#1) Not started
173 The Water Keepers Anderson, Christie, Deep Blue Secret (#1) Not started
174 Tanglewood Series Anderson, Rachael, The Fall of Lord Drayson (#1) Not started
175 The Sullivans Andre, Bella, The Look of Love (#1) Not started
176 Trudi Wells Cozy Mystery Adler, Julie, Knife Skills (#1) Not started
177 Karmic Consultants Andrews, Vivi, The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant (#1) Not started
178 Franki Amato Mysteries Andrighetti, Traci, Limoncello Yellow (#1) Not started
179 Quentin Black Andrijeski, JC, Kirev's Door (#0.4) Not started
180 All Series Ann, Natalie, All or Nothing (#1) Not started
181 Starcrossed Angelini, Josephine, Starcrossed (#1) Not started
182 Billionaire Aviators Anne, Melody, Joyce, Mary, Turbulent Intentions (#1) Not started
183 Billionaire Bachelors Anne, Melody, The Billionaire Wins the Game (#1) Not started
184 The Forbidden Series Anne, Melody, Bound (#1) Not started
185 Lost Andersons Anne, Melody, Unexpected Treasure (#1) Not started
186 Surrender Anne, Melody, Surrender (#1) Not started
187 Stacy Justice Mysteries Annino, Barbra, Miller, Christiana, Magic and Mayhem: Witches Be Crazy (#0.4) Not started
188 The Toad Witch Annino, Barbra, Miller, Christiana, Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead (#1) Not started
189 Everafter Trilogy Annino, Barbra, The Bitches of Everafter (#1) Not started
190 Secret Goddess Annino, Barbra, Sin City Goddess (#1) Not started
191 Assassins Guild Archer, C. J., The Charmer (#1) Not started
192 Lord Hawkesbury's Players Archer, C. J., Her Secret Desire (#1) Not started
193 Witchblade Chronicles Archer, C. J., Honor Bound (#1) Not started
194 Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy Archer, C. J., The Medium (#1) Not started
195 Freak House Trilogy Archer, C. J., The Wrong Girl (#1) Not started
196 The Ministry of Curiosities Archer, C. J., The Last Necromancer (#1) Not started
197 Glass and Steele Archer, C. J., The Watchmaker's Daughter (#1) Not started
198 Witch Song Argyle, Amber, Current
199 Fairy Queens Argyle, Amber, Of Ice and Snow (#1) Not started
200 Place to Call Home Book Armstrong, Cathleen, Welcome to Last Chance (#1) Not started
201 Age of Legends Armstrong, Kelley, Sea of Shadows (#1) Not started
202 Madison Knight Arnold, Carolyn, Life Sentence (#0.5) Not started
203 Leslie & Terra Aarsen, Carolyne, The Only Best Place (#1) Not started
204 A Tarot Mystery Hockensmith, Steve, Falco, Lisa, Current
205 A Magical Bakery Mystery Cates, Bailey, Brownies and Broomsticks (#1) Not started
206 Cypress Hollow Herron, Rachael, How to Knit a Love Song (#1) Not started
207 Mandy Dyer Mystery Johnson, Dolores, Taken to the Cleaners (#1) Not started
208 Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery McCoy, Max, Of Grave Concern (#1) Not started
209 Charlie Parker Shelton, Connie, Deadly Gamble (#1) Not started
210 Samantha Sweet Shelton, Connie, Sweet Masterpiece (#1) Not started
211 Secrets of the blue hill library Thomas, Emily, Nowhere to be Found (#1) Not started
212 Nikki and Michael Arthur, Keri, Current
213 Damask Circle Arthur, Keri, Circle of Fire (#1) Not started
214 Kissed by the Bay Hatler, Susan, Every Little Kiss (#1) Not started
215 Myth and Magic Arthur, Keri, Destiny Kills (#1) Not started
216 Laundry Hag Hart, Jennifer L., Who Needs A Hero? (#0.5) Not started
217 Madison Cruz Mysteries Carol, Lucy, Hot Scheming Mess (#1) Not started
218 Rogues of the Sea Ashe, Katharine, Swept Away By a Kiss (#1) Not started
219 Megan Rhys Crime Novel Ashford, Lindsay, Frozen (#1) Not started
220 Shadow Chronicles Brackston, Paula, The Witches of the Blue Well (#1.5) 17% (1 of 6)
221 Lady Most Quinn, Julia, James, Eloisa, Brockway, Connie, The Lady Most Likely... (#1) Not started
222 Colorado Mountain Ashley, Kristen, The Gamble (#1) Not started
223 Aunt Dimity Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity's Death (#1) Not started
224 Glassblowing Mystery Atwell, Sarah, Through a Glass, Deadly (#1) Not started
225 Tressa Jayne Turner Bacus, Kathleen, Calamity Jayne (#1) Not started
226 Hannah Swensen Mysteries Fluke, Joanne, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (#1) Not started
227 Cupcake Mystery McKinlay, Jenn, Sprinkle with Murder (#1) Not started
228 The Goldy Schulz Culinary Mysteries Davidson, Diane Mott, Catering to Nobody (#1) Not started
229 Wicked Series (Lizzy and Diesel) Evanovich, Janet, Sutton, Phoef, Wicked Appetite (#1) Not started
230 Coffeehouse Mysteries Coyle, Cleo, On What Grounds (#1) Not started
231 Booktown Mystery Barrett, Lorna, A Fatal Chapter (#9) 64% (9 of 14)
232 Gertie Johnson Murder Mysteries Baker, Deb, Murder Passes the Buck (#1) Not started
233 Dolls to Die For Baker, Deb, Dolled Up for Murder (#1) Not started
234 Loving Husband Allard, Meredith, Her Dear and Loving Husband (#1) Not started
235 Audio Fools Alexander, Tali, Love In Rewind (#1) Not started
236 Augusta Goodnight Ballard, Mignon F, Angel at Troublesome Creek (#1) Not started
237 Miss Dimple Kilpatrick Ballard, Mignon F, Miss Dimple Disappears (#1) Not started
238 Dark Angel Balogh, Mary, Dark Angel (#1) Not started
239 Huxtable Family Balogh, Mary, First Comes Marriage (#1) Not started
240 Simply Balogh, Mary, Simply Unforgettable (#1) Not started
241 Mainwaring Balogh, Mary, A Chance Encounter (#1) Not started
242 Waite Balogh, Mary, The Trysting Place (#1) Not started
243 Frazer Balogh, Mary, The First Snow Drop (#1) Not started
244 Web Balogh, Mary, The Gilded Web (#1) Not started
245 Sullivan Balogh, Mary, Courting Julia (#1) Not started
246 Georgian Balogh, Mary, Heartless (#1) Not started
247 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Balogh, Mary, Indiscreet (#1) Not started
248 Mistress (Dudley) Balogh, Mary, More Than a Mistress (#1) Not started
249 Survivor's Club Balogh, Mary, The Proposal (#1) Not started
250 Westcott Balogh, Mary, Someone to Love (#1) Not started
251 Bedwyn Saga Balogh, Mary, One Night For Love (#0.1) Not started
252 MacKenzie Vampires Bangs, Nina, Master of Ecstasy (#1) Not started
253 Castle of Dark Dreams Bangs, Nina, Color Me Wicked (#.5) Not started
254 Wink & a Kiss Hill, Sandra, Bangs, Nina, Mallory, Tess, Fossen, Delores, Wynn, Patricia, Riley, Eugenia, Archer, Jennifer, Roberts, Monica, Bennet, Kim, Cach, Lisa, The Bewitched Viking (#1) Not started
255 Wizards of Nevermore Bardsley, Michele, Never Again (#1) Not started
256 Violetta Graves Mystery Bardsley, Michele, In Good Spirits (#1) Not started
257 Broken Heart, Oklahoma Bardsley, Michele, I'm the Vampire, Thats Why (#1) Not started
258 Witches Gone Wild Bardsley, Michele, Magic and Mayhem: Sh*t My Witch Says (#1) Not started
259 Broken Arrow Bardsley, Michele, Valentine's Day Sucks (#9.5) Not started
260 Regency Magic Barnett, Jill, Bewitching (#1) Not started
261 Medieval Wedding Trilogy Barnett, Jill, Wonderful (#1) Not started
262 Three Sisters Trilogy Barnett, Jill, Daniel and the Angel (#1) Not started
263 Sierra Lavotini Bartholomew, Nancy, The Miracle Strip (#1) Not started
264 Maggie Reid Bartholomew, Nancy, Your Cheatin' Heart (#1) Not started
265 Elemental Witches Bast, Anya, Witch Fire (#1) Not started
266 Reigning Cats & Dogs Baxter, Cynthia, Dead Canaries Don't Sing (#1) Not started
267 Meet Me at The Cupcake Café Colgan, Jenny, Meet Me at The Cupcake Café (#1) Not started
268 The Cat Who... Braun, Lilian Jackson, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (#1) Not started
269 Love's Grace Delamere, Jennifer, An Heiress at Heart (#1) Not started
270 Midnight Louie Douglas, Carole Nelson, Catnap (#1) Not started
271 The Carpathians (Dark) Feehan, Christine, Dark Prince (#1) Not started
272 The Adventurers Quartet Laurens, Stephanie, The Lady's Command (#1) Not started
273 Yellow Rose Wick, Lori, Every Little Thing About You (#1) Not started
274 Rocky Mountain Memories Wick, Lori, Where the Wild Rose Blooms (#1) Not started
275 House of Night Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Marked (#1) Not started
276 Tea Shop Mysteries Childs, Laura, Death by Darjeeling (#1) Not started
277 Scrapbooking Mysteries Childs, Laura, Moran, Terrie Farley, Keepsake Crimes (#1) Not started
278 Dog Lover's Mystery Conant, Susan, A New Leash on Death (#1) Not started
279 Gourmet Girl Conant, Susan, Conant-Park, Jessica, Steamed (#1) Not started
280 The FBI Thriller Series Coulter, Catherine, The Cove (#1) Not started
281 Mystery with Recipes Crawford, Isis, A Catered Murder (#1) Not started
282 Ladies of Liberty Peterson, Tracie, A Lady of High Regard (#1) Not started
283 Ladies of the Manor White, Roseanna M., The Lost Heiress (#1) Not started
284 Fudge Shop Mysteries DeSmet, Christine, First-Degree Fudge (#1) Not started
285 Key West Food Critic Mystery Burdette, Lucy, An Appetite for Murder (#1) Not started
286 Cackleberry Club Mystery Childs, Laura, Eggs in Purgatory (#1) Not started
287 Orchard Mystery Connolly, Sheila, Called Home (#0.5) Not started
288 Domestic Diva Davis, Krista, The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (#1) Not started
289 Linda Haggerty Freydont, Shelley, Backstage Murder (#1) Not started
290 Celebration Bay Mystery Freydont, Shelley, Foul Play at the Fair (#1) Not started
291 Newport Gilded Age Freydont, Shelley, A Gilded Grave (#1) Not started
292 Georgia Peach Mysteries Furlong, Susan, Peaches and Scream (#1) Not started
293 Oldest City Vampire Haddock, Nancy, La Vida Vampire (#1) Not started
294 Silver Six Crafting Mystery Haddock, Nancy, Basket Case (#1) Not started
295 Candy Holliday Mystery Haywood, B B, Town in a Blueberry Jam (#1) Not started
296 Tara Holloway Kelly, Diane, Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure (#1) Not started
297 Dream Club Mystery Kennedy, Mary, Nightmares Can Be Murder (#1) Not started
298 The Black Cobra Quartet Laurens, Stephanie, The Untamed Bride (#1) Not started
299 The Cynster Series Laurens, Stephanie, The Promise in a Kiss (#0.5) Not started
300 Embroidery Mystery Lee, Amanda, The Quick and the Thread (#1) Not started
301 Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Lowell, Virginia, Cookie Dough Or Die (#1) Not started
302 Margaret & Bitsy MacRae, Molly, Lawn Order (#1) Not started
303 Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery MacRae, Molly, Last Wool and Testament (#1) Not started
304 Highland Bookshop Mystery MacRae, Molly, Plaid and Plagiarism (#1) Not started
305 Library Lover's Mystery McKinlay, Jenn, Books Can Be Deceiving (#1) Not started
306 A Hat Shop Mystery McKinlay, Jenn, Cloche and Dagger (#1) Not started
307 Bluff Point McKinlay, Jenn, About a Dog (#1) Not started
308 Megan Clark Meredith, D R, Murder in Volume (#1) Not started
309 Avery Andrews Pickens, Cathy, Southern Fried (#1) Not started
310 Angel Baker Beard, Julie, Touch of the White Tiger (#1) Not started
311 Cookbook Nook Mystery Gerber, Daryl Wood, Final Sentence (#1) Not started
312 A French Bistro Mystery Gerber, Daryl Wood, A Deadly ÉClair (#1) Not started
313 Daughters of Dark Root Aasheim, April, The Council of Dark Root: Armand (#0.5) Not started
314 Hogwarts Library Rowling, J. K., The Tales of Beedle the Bard (#1) 33% (1 of 3)
315 Shadow Keepers Beck, J K, When Blood Calls (#1) Not started
316 Donut Shop Mystery Beck, Jessica, Glazed Murder (#1) Not started
317 Classic Diner Mystery Beck, Jessica, A Chili Death (#1) Not started
318 Ghost Cat Cozy Mystery Beck, Jessica, Ghost Cat: Midnight Paws (#1) Not started
319 Cast Iron Cooking Mystery Beck, Jessica, Cast Iron Will (#1) Not started
320 Jane Da Silva Beck, K K, A Hopeless Case (#1) Not started
321 Bekki the Beautician Cozy Mysteries Bell, Cindy, Hairspray and Homicide (#1) Not started
322 Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, Birthdays Can Be Deadly (#1) Not started
323 Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, Murdering the Roses (#1) Not started
324 Dune House Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, Seaside Secrets (#1) Not started
325 Wendy the Wedding Planner Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, Matrimony, Money and Murder (#1) Not started
326 A Chocolate Centered Mystery Bell, Cindy, The Sweet Smell of Murder (#1) Not started
327 Macaron Patisserie Bell, Cindy, Sifting For Suspects (#1) Not started
328 Nuts About Nuts Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, A Tough Case to Crack (#1) Not started
329 Do-It-Yourself Mystery Bentley, Jennie, Fatal Fixer-Upper (#1) Not started
330 Melanie Travis Berenson, Laurien, A Pedigree to Die For (#1) Not started
331 Bonnie Indermill Berry, Carole, The Letter of the Law (#1) Not started
332 Renfrew / Kyle Beverley, Jo, The Stanforth Secrets (#1) Not started
333 Company of Rogues Beverley, Jo, An Arranged Marriage (#1) Not started
334 Dark Champion Beverley, Jo, Dark Champion (#1) Not started
335 Malloren Beverley, Jo, My Lady Notorious (#1) Not started
336 Three Heroes Beverley, Jo, The Demon's Mistress (#1) Not started
337 Stantons Beverley, Jo, Kelly, Vanessa, Mastering the Marquess (#1) Not started
338 The Black Jewels Bishop, Anne, Daughter of the Blood (#1) Not started
339 Ephemera Bishop, Anne, The Voice (# Prequel) Not started
340 Tir Alainn Bishop, Anne, The Pillars of the World (#1) Not started
341 Hemlock Falls Bishop, Claudia, A Taste For Murder (#1) Not started
342 Casebook of Dr. McKenzie Bishop, Claudia, The Case of the Roasted Onion (#1) Not started
343 Guardians of the Night Black, Jenna, Watchers in the Night (#1) Not started
344 Art Lover's Mysteries/Annie Kincaid Blackwell, Juliet, Lind, Hailey, Feint of Art (#1) Not started
345 Lily Dale Mystery Staub, Wendy Corsi, Current
346 Lily Dale Staub, Wendy Corsi, Current
347 Todd Family Atkinson, Kate, Life After Life (#1) Not started
348 Rogue's Club Blair, Annette, An Undeniable Rogue (#1) Not started
349 Accidental Witch Trilogy Blair, Annette, Current
350 Triplet Witch Trilogy Blair, Annette, Current
351 Vintage Magic Mystery Blair, Annette, A Veiled Deception (#1) Not started
352 Works Like Magick Blair, Annette, Naked Dragon (#1) Not started
353 Knave of Hearts Blair, Annette, Sea Scoundrel (#1) Not started
354 Amish Blair, Annette, A Winter Heart (#1) Not started
355 Janet Maple Astor, Marie, To Catch a Bad Guy (#1) Not started
356 Sinful Business Series Astor, Marie, Thirsty for Payback (#01) Not started
357 Wishcraft Mystery Blake, Heather, To Catch a Witch (#8) 78% (7 of 9)
358 Magic Potion Mysteries Blake, Heather, A Potion to Die For (#1) Not started
359 The Dragonlords of Xandakar Babineaux, Macy, Dragon Blue: A Lie That's True (#1) Not started
360 Crossword Mystery Blanc, Nero, The Crossword Murder (#1) Not started
361 Cooking Class Mystery Bliss, Miranda, Cooking Up Murder (#1) Not started
362 Michigan Woods Mystery Bodoin, Dorothy, The Cameo Clue (#1) Not started
363 Threadville Mystery Bolin, Janet, Dire Threads (#1) Not started
364 Voodoo Bond, Stephanie, In Deep Voodoo (#1) 33% (1 of 3)
365 Royal Spyness Bowen, Rhys, Masked Ball at Broxley Manor (#0.5) Not started
366 Secret Brides Bowman, Valerie, Secrets of a Wedding Night (#1) 14% (1 of 7)
367 Playful Brides Bowman, Valerie, The Unexpected Duchess (#1) Not started
368 Heiress Brides Bradley, Celeste, Desperately Seeking a Duke (#1) Not started
369 Worthington Bradley, Celeste, When She Said I Do (#1) Not started
370 Runaway Brides Bradley, Celeste, Devil In My Bed (#1) Not started
371 Liar's Club Bradley, Celeste, The Pretender (#1) Not started
372 Royal Four Club Bradley, Celeste, To Wed a Scandalous Spy (#1) Not started
373 Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Paxson, Diana L, The Mists of Avalon (#1) Not started
374 Colin MacLaren Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Witch Hill (#1) Not started
375 Shadow's Gate (with Rosemary Edghill) Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Ghostlight (#1) Not started
376 Black Cat Bookshop Mystery Brandon, Ali, Double Booked for Death (#1) Not started
377 Mrs Jeffries Brightwell, Emily, The Inspector and Mrs Jeffries (#1) Not started
378 Troubleshooters Brockmann, Suzanne, The Unsung Hero (#1) Not started
379 McClairen's Isle Brockway, Connie, The Passionate One (#1) Not started
380 Rose Hunters Brockway, Connie, My Seduction (#1) Not started
381 Braxton Brockway, Connie, As You Desire (#1) Not started
382 Royal Agents Brockway, Connie, Promise Me Heaven (#1) Not started
383 Bridal Brockway, Connie, The Bridal Season (#1) Not started
384 Once Upon a Pillow Dodd, Christina, Brockway, Connie, First Knight (#1) Not started
385 The Guardians Brook, Meljean, Falling For Anthony (#0.5) Not started
386 Ministry of Marriage Brooke, Christina, Heiress in Love (#1) Not started
387 The Westruthers Brooke, Christina, London's Last True Scoundrel (#1) Not started
388 Magic Kingdom of Landover Brooks, Terry, Current
389 Shannara Brooks, Terry, The Sword of Shannara (#1) Not started
390 Mrs Murphy (with Sneaky Pie Brown) Brown, Rita Mae, Wish You Were Here (#1) Not started
391 Mags & Baxter Brown, Rita Mae, A Nose for Justice (#1) Not started
392 Daughters of Lancaster County Brunstetter, Wanda E, The Storekeeper's Daughter (#1) Not started
393 Food Lover's Village Budewitz, Leslie, Death Al Dente (#1) Not started
394 Spice Shop Mysteries Budewitz, Leslie, Assault and Pepper (#1) Not started
395 Jane Kelly Mysteries Bush, Nancy, Candy Apple Red (#1) Not started
396 Crime of Fashion Byerrum, Ellen, The Killer Hair (#1) Not started
397 Bouncing Grandma Mysteries Arenz, A.K., The Case of the Mystified MD (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
398 Witch Myth Clarke, Alexandria, Witch Myth: A Yew Hollow Cozy Mystery (#0) Not started
399 The Haunting of Winchester Mansion Clarke, Alexandria, The Haunting of Winchester Mansion: Book 0 (#0) Not started
400 Hearts of Gold Carmichael, Emily, Finding Mr Right (#1) Not started
401 Parasol Protectorate Carriger, Gail, Soulless (#1) Not started
402 Sofie Metropolis Carrington, Tori, Sofie Metropolis (#1) Not started
403 Dark Queen Carroll, Susan, The Dark Queen (#1) Not started
404 St. Leger Legacy Carroll, Susan, The Bride Finder (#1) Not started
405 Winter Macy Carroll, Susan, Winterbourne (#1) Not started
406 Candy Shop Mystery Carter, Sammi, Candy Apple Dead (#1) Not started
407 Domestic Equalizers Cash, Dixie, Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash (#1) Not started
408 Graceling Realm (Seven Kingdoms) Cashore, Kristin, Graceling (#1) Not started
409 Featherton Sisters Caskie, Kathryn, Rules of Engagement (#1) Not started
410 Royle Sisters Caskie, Kathryn, How to Seduce a Duke (#1) Not started
411 Seven Deadly Sins Caskie, Kathryn, To Sin with a Stranger (#1) Not started
412 Accidental Friends Cassidy, Dakota, Accidentally Demonic (#4) 17% (3 of 18)
413 Kiss and Hell Cassidy, Dakota, Kiss & Hell (#1) Not started
414 Ex-Trophy Wives Cassidy, Dakota, You Dropped a Blonde on Me (#1) Not started
415 Plum Orchard Cassidy, Dakota, Talk This Way (#0.5) Not started
416 Paris, Texas Cassidy, Dakota, Witched At Birth (#1) Not started
417 Witchless in Seattle Cassidy, Dakota, Witch Slapped (#1) Not started
418 Professor and Mrs. Moriarty Castle, Anna, Moriarty Meets His Match (#1) Not started
419 Lost Hat, Texas Castle, Anna, Black & White & Dead All Over (#1) Not started
420 Cassandra Palmer Chance, Karen, The Gauntlet (#0.5) Not started
421 Dorina Basarab, Dhampir Chance, Karen, Zombie's Bite (#0.1) Not started
422 Lia de Croissets Chance, Karen, Rogue Elements (#3.2) Not started
423 School for Good and Evil Chainani, Soman, The School for Good and Evil (#1) Not started
424 Highlanders Chapman, Janet, Charming the Highlander (#1) Not started
425 Puffin Harbor Chapman, Janet, The Seductive Impostor (#1) Not started
426 Logger Chapman, Janet, The Seduction of His Wife (#1) Not started
427 Midnight Bay Chapman, Janet, Moonlight Warrior (#1) Not started
428 The Sinclair Brothers Chapman, Janet, The Man Must Marry (#1) Not started
429 Spellbound Falls Chapman, Janet, Spellbound Falls (#1) Not started
430 Silicon Valley Chapman, Sally, Raw Data (#1) Not started
431 Sam and Hollis Mystery Chappell, Helen, Slow Dancing With The Angel of Death (#1) Not started
432 Deadwood Mystery Charles, Ann, Nearly Departed in Deadwood (#1) Not started
433 Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Charles, Ann, Dance of the Winnebagos (#1) Not started
434 Dig Site Mystery Charles, Ann, Look What the Wind Blew In (#1) Not started
435 Goldwash Mystery Charles, Ann, The Old Man's Back in Town (#1) Not started
436 The Reed Hollow Chronicles Aasheim, April, Touch of Light (#1) Not started
437 A Witch P.I. Mystery Abbott, Adele, Witch is When It All Began (#1) Not started
438 Kansas Crossroads Adams, Amelia C., A New Beginning (#1) Not started
439 Flower Shop Mystery Adams, Annie, Ten Little Bridesmaids (#1) Not started
440 Secret, Book & Scone Society Adams, Ellery, The Secret, Book & Scone Society (#1) Not started
441 Supper Club Mystery Adams, Ellery, Stanley, J B, Stevens, Rosemary, Carbs & Cadavers (#1) Not started
442 Supper Club Mystery Adams, Ellery, Carbs & Cadavers (#1) Not started
443 The Southerlands Adams, Evelyn, Feels Like Home (#1) Not started
444 Deverill Chronicles Montefiore, Santa, Songs of Love and War (#1) Not started
445 Phoenix Decree Sage Albergucci, Anna, The Phoenix Decree (#1) Not started
446 Cavanaugh Island Alers, Rochelle, Sanctuary Cove (#1) Not started
447 Innkeepers Alers, Rochelle, The Inheritance (#1) Not started
448 Bakeshop Mystery Alexander, Ellie, Meet Your Baker (#1) Not started
449 A Sloan Krause Mystery Alexander, Ellie, Trouble Is Brewing (#6.5) Not started
450 Fountain Creek Chronicles Alexander, Tamera, Rekindled (#1) Not started
451 Belmont Mansion Alexander, Tamera, A Lasting Impression (#1) Not started
452 Belle Meade Plantation Alexander, Tamera, To Whisper Her Name (#1) Not started
453 Carnton Alexander, Tamera, Christmas at Carnton (#1) Not started
454 Strangely Beautiful Hieber, Leanna Renee, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker (#1) Not started
455 Magic Most Foul Hieber, Leanna Renee, Darker Still (#1) Not started
456 Griffin Family Enoch, Suzanne, Sin and Sensibility (#1) Not started
457 Lords of Vice Hawkins, Alexandra, All Night with a Rogue (#1) Not started
458 Cameron Sisters Maxwell, Cathy, Temptation of a Proper Governess (#1) Not started
459 Mistress Trilogy Warren, Tracy Anne, My Fair Mistress (#1) Not started
460 Trap Trilogy Warren, Tracy Anne, The Husband Trap (#1) Not started
461 Byrons of Braebourne Warren, Tracy Anne, Tempted By His Kiss (#1) Not started
462 The Princess Bride Trilogy Warren, Tracy Anne, The Princess and the Peer (#1) Not started
463 The Rakes of Cavendish Square Warren, Tracy Anne, The Bedding Proposal (#1) Not started
464 Della Cooks Mystery Wells, Melinda, Killer Mousse (#1) Not started
465 Raine Benares Shearin, Lisa, Wild Card (#0.5) Not started
466 The Lady Travelers Guide Alexander, Victoria, The Proper Way to Stop a Wedding (In Seven Days or Less) (#.5) Not started
467 Mysteries of Marion Andersen, Amy, Death Visits the Hair Salon (#1) Not started
468 Ashes To Ashes Anderson, Annie, Scattered Ashes (#1) Not started
469 Wollie Shelley Mystery Kozak, Harley Jane, Dating Dead Men (#1) Not started
470 Serendipity Anderson, Rachael, My Sister's Intended (#1) Not started
471 Taming The Heart Andresen, Tammy, Taming a Duke's Reckless Heart (#1) Not started
472 Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish Andrew, G.G., Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish (#1) Not started
473 The Witch Squad Andrews, M Z, The Witch Squad (#1) Not started
474 The Married Series Lieske, Victorine E., Accidentally Married (#1) Not started
475 Serendipity, Indiana Scott, Magdalena, Small Town Christmas (#1) Not started
476 Witch Magic Bardsley, Michele, The Binding (#1) Not started
477 Constable Evan Evans Bowen, Rhys, Evans Above (#1) Not started
478 Molly Murphy Bowen, Rhys, The Amersham Rubies (#0.5) Not started
479 Susan Hall Mystery Abbott, Adele, Whoops! Our New Flatmate Is A Human (#1) Not started
480 Meet Me at Midnight Abé, Shana, Owen, Ruth, Robinson, Suzanne, Midnight Mistress (#1) Not started
481 Magnificent Devices Adina, Shelley, Lady of Devices (#1) Not started
482 Heaven Albom, Mitch, Current
483 Innkeeper Chronicles Andrews, Ilona, Clean Sweep (#1) Not started
484 Novel Idea Mystery Arlington, Lucy, Buried in a Book (#1) Not started
485 Darkest Powers Armstrong, Kelley, The Summoning (#1) Not started
486 Otherworld Tales & Anthologies Armstrong, Kelley, Kilpatrick, Nancy, Kasturi, Sandra, Men of the Otherworld (#1) Not started
487 Riley Jenson Guardian Arthur, Keri, Current
488 Prince Catchers Ashe, Katharine, I Married the Duke (#1) Not started
489 Falcon Club Ashe, Katharine, When a Scot Loves a Lady (#1) Not started
490 Regency Ghost Ashe, Katharine, Captive Bride (#1) Not started
491 Twist Ashe, Katharine, My Lady, My Lord (#1) Not started
492 Devil's Duke Ashe, Katharine, The Rogue (#4) Not started
493 Vampire Ashley, Amanda, Shades of Gray (#1) Not started
494 Children of the Night Ashley, Amanda, Night's Kiss (#1) Not started
495 Everlasting Ashley, Amanda, Everlasting Kiss (#1) Not started
496 Bound Ashley, Amanda, Bound by Night (#1) Not started
497 Embrace Ashley, Amanda, Embrace The Night (#1) Not started
498 Kat Holloway Ashley, Jennifer, A Soupçon of Poison (#0.5) Not started
499 Pirate Ashley, Jennifer, The Pirate Next Door (#1) Not started
500 Nvengaria Ashley, Jennifer, Penelope and Prince Charming (#1) Not started
501 Highland Pleasures Ashley, Jennifer, The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (#1) Not started
502 The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance Kittredge, Caitlin, Black, Jenna, Wilks, Eileen, Whiteside, Diane, Ashley, Jennifer, Maclaine, Jenna, Cook, Dawn, Kiernan, Caitlin R., Telep, Trisha, Erwin, Sherri, The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (#1) Not started
503 Fantasyland Ashley, Kristen, Wildest Dreams (#1) Not started
504 Ghosts and Reincarnation Ashley, Kristen, Penmort Castle (#1) Not started
505 Mathilda, SuperWitch Ashley, Kristen, Mathilda's Book of Shadows (#1) Not started
506 Brimful Coffers Babson, Marian, Canapes For The Kitties (#1) Not started
507 Trixie and Evangeline Babson, Marian, Reel Murder (#1) Not started
508 Queen Bee mystery Reed, Hannah, Buzz Off (#1) Not started
509 Scottish Highlands Mystery Reed, Hannah, Off Kilter (#1) Not started
510 The Vampire Huntress Legend Series Banks, L A, Minion (#1) Not started
511 Hell Meyer, Stephenie, Sands, Lynsay, Harrison, Kim, Shayne, Maggie, Cast, Kristin, Arthur, Keri, Westerfeld, Scott, Bray, Libba, Banks, L A, Pettersson, Vicki, Liu, Marjorie M, McCray, Cheyenne, Marr, Melissa, Betts, Heidi, Huff, Tanya, Krinard, Susan, Stolarz, Laurie Faria, Larbalestier, Justine, Zevin, Gabrielle, Dates From Hell (#1) Not started
512 Kearney Dragons Bardsley, Michele, Dragon Rules Part 1 (#1) Not started
513 Summersby Tale Barnes, Sophie, Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure (#1) Not started
514 At The Kingsborough Ball Barnes, Sophie, The Trouble With Being a Duke (#1) Not started
515 Secrets at Thorncliff Manor Barnes, Sophie, Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires (#1) Not started
516 Diamonds in the Rough Barnes, Sophie, A Most Unlikely Duke (#1) Not started
517 Honorable Scoundrels Barnes, Sophie, The Governess Who Captured His Heart (#1) Not started
518 Lace Reader Barry, Brunonia, The Lace Reader (#1) Not started
519 Murder Packs a Suitcase Baxter, Cynthia, Murder Packs a Suitcase (#1) Not started
520 Lickety Splits Mystery Baxter, Cynthia, Murder With a Cherry on Top (#1) Not started
521 Agatha Raisin Beaton, M. C., The Quiche of Death (#1) Not started
522 Hamish MacBeth Beaton, M. C., Death of a Gossip (#1) Not started
523 Dukes & Desires Beaton, M. C., The Desirable Duchess (#1) Not started
524 Fellworth Dolphin Mystery Beaton, M. C., The Skeleton in the Closet (#1) Not started
525 Edwardian Murder Mystery Beaton, M. C., Snobbery With Violence (#1) Not started
526 Iris Cooper Beck, K K, Death in a Deck Chair (#1) Not started
527 A Donut Truck Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy, Deadly Deals and Donuts (#1) Not started
528 The Wayward Wallflowers Bennett, Anna, My Brown-Eyed Earl (#1) Not started
529 Others Bishop, Anne, Written In Red (#1) Not started
530 Foxglove Corners Bodoin, Dorothy, Darkness At Foxglove Corners (#1) Not started
531 The Body Movers Bond, Stephanie, Party Crashers (#0.5) Not started
532 Two Guys Bond, Stephanie, Two Guys Detective Agency (#1) Not started
533 Coma Girl Bond, Stephanie, Coma Girl: Part 1 (#1) Not started
534 Temp Girl Bond, Stephanie, Temp Girl: Part 1 (#1) Not started
535 Comeback Girl Bond, Stephanie, Comeback Girl: Part 1 of 6 (#1) Not started
536 Brazen Boyle, Elizabeth, Brazen Angel (#1) Not started
537 Danvers Family Boyle, Elizabeth, One Night of Passion (#1) Not started
538 Bachelor Chronicles Boyle, Elizabeth, Something About Emmaline (#1) Not started
539 Marlowe Boyle, Elizabeth, His Mistress By Morning (#1) Not started
540 Rhymes with Love Boyle, Elizabeth, Along Came a Duke (#1) Not started
541 Haven Holiday Bradley, Celeste, Sleepless in Staffordshire (#1) Not started
542 Audiobook Edition of The Mists of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Mistress of Magic (#1) Not started
543 Highclyffe Hall Brandewyne, Rebecca, Upon a Moon Dark Moor (#1) Not started
544 Five Senses Brocato, Gemma, Cooking Up Love (#1) Not started
545 Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Ball, Donna, Smoky Mountain Tracks (#1) Not started
546 Workplace Mystery Series Beck, K K, The Body in the Volvo (#1) Not started
547 Runnymede Brown, Rita Mae, Six of One (#1) Not started
548 Jane Arnold Brown, Rita Mae, Outfoxed (#1) Not started
549 Bed and Breakfast Brown, Sandra, Breakfast in Bed (#1) Not started
550 Coleman Family Saga Brown, Sandra, Sunset Embrace (#1) Not started
551 Harley Jean Davidson Mystery Brown, Virginia, Deadly Design (#1) Not started
552 Dixie Divas Brown, Virginia, Dixie Divas (#1) Not started
553 Blue Suede Memphis Mystery Brown, Virginia, Hound Dog Blues (#1) Not started
554 Brides of Lancaster County Brunstetter, Wanda E, A Merry Heart (#1) Not started
555 Brides of Webster County Brunstetter, Wanda E, Going Home (#1) Not started
556 Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club Brunstetter, Wanda E, The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club (#1) Not started
557 Amish Cooking Class Brunstetter, Wanda E, The Seekers (#1) Not started
558 Lopsided Christmas Cake (with Jean Brunstetter) Brunstetter, Wanda E, The Lopsided Christmas Cake (#1) Not started
559 Prayer Jars Brunstetter, Wanda E, The Hope Jar (#1) Not started
560 Warren Antiques Abshire, Mary, First Package Causes Grief (#1) Not started
561 Main Street Merchants Series Adams, Amelia C., And Something Blue (#1) Not started
562 Mystic Cover Mysteries Allen, Amanda, Bedtimes and Broomsticks (#1) Not started
563 Inept Witches Allen, Amanda, Inconvenient Murder (#1) Not started
564 Rue Hallow Cozy Paranormal Mystery Allen, Amanda, Hallow Graves (#1) Not started
565 Santa Fe Mysteries Allen, Amanda, Santa Fe Mourning (#1) Not started
566 Ben Spence Allen, Michael, Spence in Petal Park (#1) Not started
567 Due South Alvarez, Tracey, In Too Deep (#1) Not started
568 Shadow Guard Lenox, Kim, Night Falls Darkly (#1) Not started
569 Puppy Love Andresen, Tammy, Crazy Puppy Love (#1) Not started
570 Fairfield Fairy Tales Andresen, Tammy, Stealing a Lady's Heart (#1) Not started
571 Lily in Bloom Andresen, Tammy, Seeds of Love (#0.5) Not started
572 The Coffee Coven's Capers Andrews, M Z, That Old Witch! (#1) Not started
573 Diviner's Trilogy Andrews, Nicolette, Diviner's Prophecy (#1) Not started
574 Danger Cove Hodge, Sibel, Burke, Christina A., Fischetto, Jennifer, Ashe, Ellie, Andrighetti, Traci, Gradowski, Janel, Jones, Gin, Smith, Sally J., Steffens, Jean, Ashby, Elizabeth, VerSteeg, T. Sue, Leiren, Nicole, Secret of the Painted Lady (#1) Not started
575 Danger Cove Hair Salon Mysteries Andrighetti, Traci, Ashby, Elizabeth, Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (#5) Not started
576 Danger Cove Pet Sitter Mysteries Smith, Sally J., Steffens, Jean, Ashby, Elizabeth, Passion, Poison Puppy Dogs (#9) Not started
577 Danger Cove Bookshop Mysteries Ashe, Ellie, Ashby, Elizabeth, A Novel Death (#10) Not started
578 Road Series Ann, Natalie, Road to Recovery (#1) Not started
579 Blood & Magic Annett, Danielle, Cursed by Fire (#1) Not started
580 2nd Freak House Trilogy Archer, C. J., The Memory Keeper (#1) Not started
581 3rd Freak House Trilogy Archer, C. J., Ghost Girl (#1) Not started
582 After the Rift Archer, C. J., The Palace of Lost Memories (#1) Not started
583 Lexie Sarcone /Michael Riley Archer, Elisa, Burglary Blues (#1) Not started
584 Haven Witch Arden, Zoe, Cake Spell Disaster (#1) Not started
585 Sweetland Witch Arden, Zoe, Witch Cake Murders (#1) Not started
586 Chronicles of Tintagel Brandewyne, Rebecca, Passion Moon Rising (#1) Not started
587 Annie's Attic Mysteries Dunn, Sharon, Sharp, Jolyn, Dodson, DeAnna Julie, Randel, Tara, Elliott, Cathy, Chase, Marlene, Fields, Jan, Kelly, Karen, McCrite, K.D., George, D. Savannah, Kelly, Donna, O'Donnell, Mary, Road Trip! (#17) 53% (16 of 30)
588 Granite Lake Wolves Arend, Vivian, Wolf Signs (#1) Not started
589 Six Pack Ranch Arend, Vivian, Rocky Mountain Heat (#1) Not started
590 de Vincent Armentrout, Jennifer L, Moonlight Sins (#1) Not started
591 Xanth Anthony, Piers, A Spell for Chameleon (#1) Not started
592 Daddy School Arnold, Judith, Father Found (#1) Not started
593 Magic Jukebox Arnold, Judith, Changes (#1) Not started
594 Laine Lovett Mystery Series Arnold, Judith, Still Kicking (#1) Not started
595 Dark Angels Arthur, Keri, Darkness Unbound (#1) Not started
596 Harri Phillecky, PI Arthur, Keri, Who Needs Enemies (#1) Not started
597 Lizzie Grace Arthur, Keri, Blood Kissed (#1) Not started
598 Danger Cove Renovation Mysteries Hodge, Sibel, Burke, Christina A., Ashby, Elizabeth, Secret of the Painted Lady (#1) Not started
599 Danger Cove Bakery Mysteries Fischetto, Jennifer, Gradowski, Janel, Ashby, Elizabeth, Death by Scones (#3) Not started
600 Danger Cove Cocktail Mysteries Hodge, Sibel, Ashby, Elizabeth, Leiren, Nicole, Murder and Mai Tais (#2) Not started
601 Danger Cove B&B Mysteries Ashby, Elizabeth, VerSteeg, T. Sue, Killer Closet Case (#6) Not started
602 Danger Cove Quilting Mysteries Jones, Gin, Ashby, Elizabeth, Four-Patch of Trouble (#4) Not started
603 Danger Cove Farmers Market Mysteries Jones, Gin, Ashby, Elizabeth, A Death in the Flower Garden (#14) Not started
604 Miranda Vaughn Ashe, Ellie, Chasing the Dollar (#1) Not started
605 Dark Siren Ashley, Eden, Dark Siren (#1) Not started
606 Lancashire Ashley, Trisha, Sweet Nothings (#1) Not started
607 Heather Wells Mysteries Cabot, Meg, Size 12 Is Not Fat (#1) Not started
608 Mediator Cabot, Meg, Shadowland (#1) Not started
609 Court of Angels Cameron, Stella, Out of Body (#1) Not started
610 A Dog's Purpose Cameron, W. Bruce, A Dog's Purpose (#1) 67% (4 of 6)
611 Mad Morelands Camp, Candace, Mesmerized (#1) Not started
612 Ellie Haskell Cannell, Dorothy, The Thin Woman (#1) Not started
613 Chocoholic Mysteries Carl, JoAnna, The Chocolate Kidnapping Clue (#0.5) Not started
614 Rebecca Reid Carl, Lillian Stewart, Ashes to Ashes (#1) Not started
615 Daughters of England Carr, Philippa, Miracle At St. Brunos (#1) Not started
616 Kate Stanley Carrell, Jennifer Lee, Interred with Their Bones (#1) Not started
617 Goddess Summoning Cast, P C, Goddess of the Sea (#1) Not started
618 Bobbie Faye Causey, Toni McGee, Heat (#0.5) Not started
619 Flirting with Fangs Trilogy Chase, Ashlyn, Flirting Under a Full Moon (#1) Not started
620 Love Spells Gone Wrong Chase, Ashlyn, The Cupcake Coven (#1) Not started
621 Witch Hunt Childs, Lisa, Haunted (#1) Not started
622 The Heir Chronicles Chima, Cinda Williams, The Warrior Heir (#1) Not started
623 Charlie Plato Chittenden, Margaret, Dying to Sing (#1) Not started
624 Miss Marple Christie, Agatha, The Murder at the Vicarage (#1) Not started
625 Jane Jeffry Churchill, Jill, Grime and Punishment (#1) Not started
626 Grace and Favor Churchill, Jill, Anything Goes (#1) Not started
627 Fated Loves Claire, Edie, Long Time Coming (#1) Not started
628 Leigh Koslow Claire, Edie, Never Buried (#1) Not started
629 The Dark Artifices Clare, Cassandra, Lady Midnight (#1) Not started
630 Mad Passions Claremont, Maire, The Dark Lady (#1) Not started
631 Alvirah and Willy Clark, Mary Higgins, Clark, Carol Higgins, Weep No More, My Lady (#1) Not started
632 Regan Reilly Clark, Mary Higgins, Clark, Carol Higgins, Decked (#1) Not started
633 Dog Lover's Cleary, Melissa, A Tail of Two Murders (#1) Not started
634 Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries Cleland, Jane K, Consigned to Death (#1) Not started
635 Dixie Hemingway Mysteries Clement, Blaize, Clement, John, Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (#1) Not started
636 Graham Coffman, Elaine, The Highlander (#1) Not started
637 Bad Hair Day Cohen, Nancy J, Permed to Death (#1) Not started
638 Flower Shop Mystery Collins, Kate, Mum's the Word (#1) Not started
639 Ugly Ducklings Collins, Manda, How to Dance with a Duke (#1) Not started
640 Cat Lover's Mystery Conant, Susan, Scratch the Surface (#1) Not started
641 Museum Mysteries Connolly, Sheila, Fundraising the Dead (#1) Not started
642 County Cork Mysteries Connolly, Sheila, Buried in a Bog (#1) Not started
643 Teapot Collector Mystery Cooper, Amanda, Tempest in a Teapot (#1) Not started
644 Haunted Guest House Mystery Copperman, E J, Night of the Living Deed (#1) Not started
645 Mysterious Detective Mysteries Copperman, E J, Written Off (#1) Not started
646 The Bride Series (Sherbrooke) Coulter, Catherine, The Sherbrooke Bride (#1) Not started
647 The Legacy Series Coulter, Catherine, The Wyndham Legacy (#1) Not started
648 The Magic Trilogy Coulter, Catherine, Midsummer Magic (#1) Not started
649 Georgian Coulter, Catherine, Devils Embrace (#1) Not started
650 Victorian / Early San Francisco Coulter, Catherine, Evening Star (#1) Not started
651 Medieval Coulter, Catherine, Warriors Song (#1) Not started
652 Viking Series Coulter, Catherine, Season of the Sun (#1) Not started
653 Historical Regency Romances Coulter, Catherine, The Rebel Bride (#1) Not started
654 Baron Series Coulter, Catherine, The Wild Baron (#1) Not started
655 Contemporary Romantic Thrillers Coulter, Catherine, False Pretenses (#1) Not started
656 Night Trilogy Coulter, Catherine, Night Fire (#1) Not started
657 Brit in the FBI Coulter, Catherine, Ellison, J. T., The Final Cut (#1) Not started
658 Sugar Grove Mysteries Crockett, Jessie, Drizzled with Death (#1) Not started
659 Redeemable Rogues Crosby, Tanya Anne, Sagebrush Bride (#1) Not started
660 Historical Trilogy Jackson, Lisa, Enchantress (#1) Not started
661 Dempsey Crusie, Jennifer, Welcome to Temptation (#1) Not started
662 Emma Taylor Cunnah, Michelle, 32AA (#1) Not started
663 Barking Detective Mysteries Curtis, Waverly, Dial C For Chihuahua (#1) Not started
664 Bed-And-Breakfast Mysteries Daheim, Mary, Just Desserts (#1) Not started
665 Emma Lord Mysteries Daheim, Mary, The Alpine Advocate (#1) Not started
666 Joe Grey Murphy, Shirley Rousseau, Cat On the Edge (#1) Not started
667 Herculine Trilogy Reese, James, The Book of Shadows (#1) Not started
668 Calder Dailey, Janet, This Calder Range (#1) Not started
669 Pepper Martin Mystery Daniels, Casey, Don of the Dead (#1) Not started
670 Karma Crime Mystery Daniels, Claire, Body of Intuition (#1) Not started
671 Undead Davidson, MaryJanice, Undead and Unwed (#1) Not started
672 The Mermaid Series Davidson, MaryJanice, Sleeping with the Fishes (#1) Not started
673 Gorgeous Davidson, MaryJanice, Hello, Gorgeous (#1) Not started
674 Wyndham Werewolves Davidson, MaryJanice, Love's Prisoner (#1) Not started
675 Bad Boys Davidson, MaryJanice, Matthews, Lena, Monroe, Lucy, McCarthy, Erin, Day, Sylvia, Dimon, HelenKay, Warren, Nancy, Bad Boys Online (#1) Not started
676 Paws and Claws Mysteries Davis, Krista, Murder, She Barked (#1) Not started
677 The New Blue Bloods Coven de la Cruz, Melissa, Vampires of Manhattan (#1) Not started
678 Candace Steele Vampire Killer Dean, Cameron, Passionate Thirst (#1) Not started
679 Bride Quest Delacroix, Claire, The Princess (#1) Not started
680 Jewels of Kinfairlie Delacroix, Claire, The Beauty Bride (#1) Not started
681 Ghost-in-Law Mystery DeLeon, Jana, Trouble in Mudbug (#1) Not started
682 Miss Zukas Dereske, Jo, Miss Zukas and the Library Murders (#1) Not started
683 Ruby Crane Dereske, Jo, Savage Cut (#1) Not started
684 The Montgomery Dynasty - Velvet Series Deveraux, Jude, Highland Velvet (#1) Not started
685 James River Saga Deveraux, Jude, Sweetbriar (#1) Not started
686 Montgomery/ Taggart Deveraux, Jude, The Black Lyon (#1) Not started
687 Forever Trilogy Deveraux, Jude, Forever (#1) Not started
688 Summerhouse Deveraux, Jude, The Summerhouse (#1) Not started
689 Edenton Trilogy Deveraux, Jude, First Impressions (#1) Not started
690 Edilean Deveraux, Jude, Scarlet Nights (#1) Not started
691 Chandler Twins Deveraux, Jude, Twin of Ice (#1) Not started
692 Peregrine Deveraux, Jude, The Taming (#1) Not started
693 Nantucket Brides Trilogy Deveraux, Jude, True Love (#1) Not started
694 Summer Hill Deveraux, Jude, The Girl from Summer Hill (#1) Not started
695 Ellie Bernstein / Lt. Peter Miller Dietz, Denise, Throw Darts at a Cheesecake (#1) Not started
696 Well Pleasured Dodd, Christina, A Well Pleasured Lady (#1) Not started
697 Knight Series Dodd, Christina, Once a Knight (#1) Not started
698 Medieval Series Dodd, Christina, Candle in the Window (#1) Not started
699 Princess Dodd, Christina, The Runaway Princess (#1) Not started
700 Governess Brides Dodd, Christina, That Scandalous Evening (#0.5) Not started
701 Lost Texas Heart Dodd, Christina, Just the Way You Are (#1) Not started
702 Switching Places Dodd, Christina, Scandalous Again (#1) Not started
703 The Lost Princesses Dodd, Christina, Some Enchanted Evening (#1) Not started
704 The Fortune Hunters Dodd, Christina, Trouble in High Heels (#1) Not started
705 Darkness Chosen Dodd, Christina, Scent of Darkness (#1) Not started
706 The Chosen Ones Dodd, Christina, Storm of Visions (#1) Not started
707 My Stand Alone Dodd, Christina, Treasure of the Sun (#1) Not started
708 Wedding Planner Donnelly, Deborah, Veiled Threats (#1) Not started
709 Bayberry Island Donovan, Susan, Christmas on Main Street (#0.5) Not started
710 Taliswoman Douglas, Carole Nelson, Cup of Clay (#1) Not started
711 Irene Adler Douglas, Carole Nelson, Good Night Mr. Holmes (#1) Not started
712 Heiress in London Drake, Olivia, Seducing the Heiress (#1) Not started
713 Victorian Fairy Tale Drake, Shannon, Wicked (#1) Not started
714 Graham Family Drake, Shannon, Come the Morning (#1) Not started
715 Vampires Graham, Heather, Drake, Shannon, Beneath a Blood Red Moon (#1) Not started
716 No Other Drake, Shannon, No Other Man (#1) Not started
717 Fire Drake, Shannon, Princess of Fire (#1) Not started
718 An Eclaire Mystery Dunbar, Sophie, Behind Eclaire's Doors (#1) Not started
719 Daisy Dalrymple Dunn, Carola, Death at Wentwater Court (#1) Not started
720 Cliff Janeway Dunning, John, Booked To Die (#1) Not started
721 Annabelle Archer Durham, Laura, Better Off Wed (#1) Not started
722 A Family Fortune Mystery Eastman, Dawn, Pall in the Family (#1) Not started
723 Bast Edghill, Rosemary, Speak Daggers to Her (#1) Not started
724 Georgian Rakehells Ellis, Madelynne, A Gentleman's Wager (#1) Not started
725 No Ordinary Hero Enoch, Suzanne, Hero in the Highlands (#1) Not started
726 Adventurers' Club Enoch, Suzanne, The Care and Taming of a Rogue (#1) Not started
727 Elsie Hawkins Evanovich, Janet, Back to the Bedroom (#1) Not started
728 Full Series Evanovich, Janet, Full House (#1) Not started
729 Alex Barnaby Series Evanovich, Janet, Metro Girl (#1) Not started
730 Hot Series Evanovich, Janet, Hot Stuff (#1) Not started
731 Georgiana Neverall Mystery Evans, Christy, Sink Trap (#1) Not started
732 Culinary Mystery with Recipes Fairbanks, Nancy, Crime Brulee (#1) Not started
733 Madeline Bean Culinary Mystery Farmer, Jerrilyn, Sympathy For the Devil (#1) Not started
734 Cavendish Square Trilogy Feather, Jane, A Wicked Gentleman (#1) Not started
735 Blackwater Brides Feather, Jane, Rushed to the Altar (#1) Not started
736 Almost Feather, Jane, Almost Innocent (#1) Not started
737 Kiss Feather, Jane, The Widow's Kiss (#1) Not started
738 Bride Trilogy Feather, Jane, The Hostage Bride (#1) Not started
739 Duncan Sisters Trilogy Feather, Jane, The Bachelor List (#1) Not started
740 Charm Bracelet Trilogy Feather, Jane, The Diamond Slipper (#1) Not started
741 "V" Feather, Jane, Venus (#1) Not started
742 Ghostwalkers Feehan, Christine, Shadow Game (#1) Not started
743 Drake Sisters Feehan, Christine, Magic in the Wind (#1) Not started
744 Leopard Feehan, Christine, The Awakening (#1) Not started
745 Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart Feehan, Christine, Water Bound (#1) Not started
746 Needlecraft Mysteries Ferris, Monica, Crewel World (#1) Not started
747 Jane Wheel Fiffer, Sharon, Killer Stuff (#1) Not started
748 Highlander Duo Fletcher, Donna, Isle of Lies (#1) Not started
749 Magical Love Fletcher, Donna, Wedding Spell (#1) Not started
750 Chocolate Florand, Laura, All's Fair in Love and Chocolate (#0.5) Not started
751 Blackfell Fobes, Tracy, Portrait of a Bride (#1) Not started
752 Knight Miscellany Foley, Gaelen, The Duke (#1) Not started
753 Ascension Trilogy Foley, Gaelen, The Pirate Prince (#1) Not started
754 Servant Foster, L L, The Awakening (#1) Not started
755 SBC Fighters Foster, Lori, Causing Havoc (#1) Not started
756 Visitation Foster, Lori, Say No to Joe? (#1) Not started
757 Winston Brothers and Cousins Foster, Lori, Tangled Sheets (#1) Not started
758 Benni Harper Fowler, Earlene, Fool's Puzzle (#1) Not started
759 Demon Slayers Fox, Angie, The Accidental Demon Slayer (#1) Not started
760 Dukes Behaving Badly Frampton, Megan, The Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior (#1) Not started
761 Wanda Mallory Mystery Frankel, Valerie, A Deadline for Murder (#1) Not started
762 Gardening Mystery Freeman, Mary, Devil's Trumpet (#1) Not started
763 Southern Witch Frost, Kimberly, Would-Be Witch (#1) Not started
764 Outlander Gabaldon, Diana, Virgins (#0.5) Not started
765 Lord John Gabaldon, Diana, Lord John and the Hellfire Club (#0.5) Not started
766 Scandal Gabrielle, Tina, Lady of Scandal (#1) Not started
767 Chintz 'n China Galenorn, Yasmine, Ghost of a Chance (#1) Not started
768 Sisters of the Moon - Otherworld Galenorn, Yasmine, Etched in Silver (#0.5) Not started
769 D.D. Warren Gardner, Lisa, Alone (#1) Not started
770 Nicki Styx Garey, Terri, Dead Girls Are Easy (#1) Not started
771 Crown's Spies series Garwood, Julie, The Lions Lady (#1) Not started
772 Clayborne of Rosehill Garwood, Julie, For The Roses (#1) Not started
773 Buchanan Garwood, Julie, Heartbreaker (#1) Not started
774 Highland's Lairds Garwood, Julie, The Secret (#1) Not started
775 Lairds' Brides Series Garwood, Julie, The Bride (#1) Not started
776 The Southern Sisters George, Anne, Murder on A Girls' Night Out (#1) Not started
777 Writer Friends Gibson, Rachel, Sex, Lies, and Online Dating (#1) Not started
778 Madame Karitska Gilman, Dorothy, The Clairvoyant Countess (#1) Not started
779 Mrs Pollifax Gilman, Dorothy, The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax (#1) Not started
780 Retrievers Gilman, Laura Anne, Staying Dead (#1) Not started
781 Grail Quest Gilman, Laura Anne, The Camelot Spell (#1) Not started
782 Kate Jasper Girdner, Jaqueline, Adjusted to Death (#1) Not started
783 The Gardella Vampire Chronicles Gleason, Colleen, The Rest Falls Away (#1) Not started
784 The Luxe Godbersen, Anna, The Luxe (#1) Not started
785 Seaside Knitters Mystery Goldenbaum, Sally, Death By Cashmere (#1) Not started
786 Miniature Grace, Margaret, Murder in Miniature (#1) Not started
787 Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries Grafton, Sue, "A" Is for Alibi (#1) Not started
788 Camerons Saga: North American Woman Trilogy Graham, Heather, Sweet Savage Eden (#1) Not started
789 Camerons Saga: Civil War Trilogy Graham, Heather, One Wore Blue (#1) Not started
790 Old Florida's MacKenzies Graham, Heather, Runaway (#1) Not started
791 Flynn Brothers Trilogy Graham, Heather, Deadly Night (#1) Not started
792 Suspense Graham, Heather, Drop Dead Gorgeous (#1) Not started
793 Prophecy Graham, Heather, Dust to Dust (#1) Not started
794 Soap Opera Graham, Heather, Long, Lean, and Lethal (#1) Not started
795 New York Confidential Graham, Heather, Flawless (#1) Not started
796 Bone Island Trilogy Graham, Heather, Ghost Memories (#0) Not started
797 Harrison Investigation Graham, Heather, Haunted (#1) Not started
798 MacAuliffe Vikings Trilogy Graham, Heather, Golden Surrender (#1) Not started
799 Krewe of Hunters Graham, Heather, Phantom Evil (#1) Not started
800 Vampire Hunters Graham, Heather, Night of the Wolves (#1) Not started
801 Slater Brothers Graham, Heather, Dark Stranger (#1) Not started
802 Angel Hawk Graham, Heather, Bride Of The Tiger (#1) Not started
803 Douglas Trilogy Grasso, Patricia, To Tempt an Angel (#1) Not started
804 Home Repair is Homicide Mysteries Graves, Sarah, The Dead Cat Bounce (#1) Not started
805 Fates Grayson, Kristine, Utterly Charming (#1) Not started
806 Order of Darkness Gregory, Philippa, Changeling (#1) Not started
807 Nightside Green, Simon R, Something from the Nightside (#1) Not started
808 Mischief Greenwood, Emily, A Little Night Mischief (#1) Not started
809 Kilts and Quilts Griffin, Patience, To Scotland With Love (#1) Not started
810 Foxe Sisters trilogy Grothaus, Heather, Never Kiss a Stranger (#1) Not started
811 Pharaohs Rising Guest, Elizabeth, Night Life (#1) Not started
812 Girl-bachelor Guhrke, Laura Lee, And Then He Kissed Her (#1) Not started
813 Fear Familiar Burnes, Caroline, Fear Familiar (#1) Not started
814 Primal Instinct Byrd, Rhyannon, Edge of Craving (#.5) Not started
815 Jean Fairbairn / Alasdair Cameron Mystery Carl, Lillian Stewart, The Secret Portrait (#1) Not started
816 Fraternitas Aureae Crucis Carlyle, Liz, One Touch of Scandal (#1) Not started
817 Iris House B & B Mystery Hager, Jean, Blooming Murder (#1) Not started
818 Sarah Booth Delaney Haines, Carolyn, Them Bones (#1) Not started
819 Cats and Curios Hale, Rebecca M, How to Wash a Cat (#1) Not started
820 Puzzle Lady Hall, Parnell, A Clue for the Puzzle Lady (#1) Not started
821 Vampire Princess of St. Paul Hallaway, Tate, Almost to Die for (#1) Not started
822 Garnet Lacey Hallaway, Tate, Fire and Ice & Linguini for Two (#0.5) Not started
823 Maddie Springer Halliday, Gemma, Spying in High Heels (#1) Not started
824 Archeological Mystery Hamilton, Lyn, The Xibalba Murders (#1) Not started
825 The Chronicles of the One Roberts, Nora, The Rise of the Magicks (#3) 67% (2 of 3)
826 Guardians Trilogy Roberts, Nora, Current
827 Vintage Kitchen Mysteries Hamilton, Victoria, A Deadly Grind (#1) Not started
828 Merry Muffin Mystery Hamilton, Victoria, Bran New Death (#1) Not started
829 Night Creature Handeland, Lori, Blame It on the Moon (#0.5) Not started
830 Firefly Lane Hannah, Kristin, Firefly Lane (#1) Not started
831 Jane Jameson Harper, Molly, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (#1) Not started
832 Succubus Harper, Nina, Succubus in the City (#1) Not started
833 Death On Demand Hart, Carolyn, Death On Demand (#1) Not started
834 Henrie O Hart, Carolyn, Dead Man's Island (#1) Not started
835 Bailey Ruth Hart, Carolyn, Ghost At Work (#1) Not started
836 Nora Gavin Hart, Erin, Haunted Ground (#1) Not started
837 Savannah Vampire Hart, Raven, The Vampire's Seduction (#1) Not started
838 Far Wychwood Mysteries Harwin, Patricia, Arson and Old Lace (#1) Not started
839 Heart's Bend Series Hauck, Rachel, The Wedding Chapel (#1) Not started
840 Caruthers Sisters Havens, Candace, The Demon King and I (#1) Not started
841 Quelgheny Harchar, Gloria, Kissed By Magic (#1) Not started
842 Robin Hudson Hayter, Sparkle, What's A Girl Gotta Do? (#1) Not started
843 Crochet Mystery Hechtman, Betty, Hooked On Murder (#1) Not started
844 Yarn Retreat Mystery Hechtman, Betty, Yarn To Go (#1) Not started
845 Noble Dead Hendee, Barb, Hendee, J C, Dhampir (#1) Not started
846 Vampire Memories Hendee, Barb, Current
847 Mist-Torn Witches Hendee, Barb, Witches in Red (#2) 25% (1 of 4)
848 Irish Eyes Hendrix, Lisa, Fletcher, Donna, Freiman, Kate, Wilson, Rachel, Seymour, Ana, Kelleher, Anne, Massie, Sonja, Ivers, Kate, Bailey, Lynn, Stover, Deb, O'Brien, Linda, The Irish Devil (#1) Not started
849 Medieval DeWarenn Henley, Virginia, A Year and a Day (#1) Not started
850 Douglas/Kennedy Henley, Virginia, Tempted (#1) Not started
851 Decadent Duke Henley, Virginia, The Decadent Duke (#1) Not started
852 Medieval Plantagenet Henley, Virginia, The Falcon and the Flower (#1) Not started
853 Kendra Clayton Henry, Angela, The Company You Keep (#1) Not started
854 Amanda Feral Henry, Mark, Happy Hour of the Damned (#1) Not started
855 Maxie and Stretch Henry, Sue, The Serpents Trail (#1) Not started
856 Claire Malloy Mysteries Hess, Joan, Strangled Prose (#1) Not started
857 Viking Series II Hill, Sandra, The Last Viking (#1) Not started
858 Jewels of the Sea Hilz, Tammy, Once a Pirate (#1) Not started
859 Hennessy Hoag, Tami, The Trouble with J.J (#1) Not started
860 Amber Fox Hodge, Sibel, Fashion, Lies and Murder (#1) Not started
861 Wicked Holder, Nancy, Viguie, Debbie, Curse (#2) Not started
862 Gifted Holder, Nancy, Daughter of the Flames (#1) Not started
863 Finfarren Peninsula Hayes-McCoy, Felicity, The Library at the Edge of the World (#1) Not started
864 Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries Hollis, Lee, Death of a Kitchen Diva (#1) Not started
865 The Upyr Series/Fitz Clare Chronicles Holly, Emma, Luisa's Desire (#1) Not started
866 Tale of the Demon World Holly, Emma, The Demon's Daughter (#1) Not started
867 Fear Hooper, Kay, Hunting Fear (#1) Not started
868 The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Hooper, Kay, Stealing Shadows (#1) Not started
869 Shadows Hooper, Kay, Stealing Shadows (#1) Not started
870 Evil Hooper, Kay, Touching Evil (#1) Not started
871 Murray Family Howell, Hannah, Highland Destiny (#1) Not started
872 MacNachton Vampires Howell, Hannah, Nightriders (#1) Not started
873 Wherlocke Howell, Hannah, If He's Wicked (#1) Not started
874 Maiden Lane Hoyt, Elizabeth, Wicked Intentions (#1) Not started
875 Lady Darby Huber, Anna Lee, The Anatomist's Wife (#1) Not started
876 Keeper's Chronicles Huff, Tanya, Summon the Keeper (#1) Not started
877 The Smoke Trilogy Huff, Tanya, Smoke and Shadows (#1) Not started
878 Victoria Nelson Huff, Tanya, Blood Price (#1) Not started
879 Wizard Crystal Huff, Tanya, Child of the Grove (#1) Not started
880 Boscastle Family Hunter, Jillian, The Seduction of an English Scoundrel (#1) Not started
881 14th-century London Hunter, Madeline, By Possession (#1) Not started
882 The Rarest Blooms Hunter, Madeline, Ravishing in Red (#1) Not started
883 Seducer Hunter, Madeline, The Seducer (#1) Not started
884 Rothwell Brothers Hunter, Madeline, The Rules of Seduction (#1) Not started
885 Daring Finds Mystery Hyatt, Elise, Dipped, Stripped, and Dead (#1) Not started
886 White House Chef Mystery Hyzy, Julie, State of the Onion (#1) Not started
887 Manor House Mysteries Hyzy, Julie, Grace Under Pressure (#1) Not started
888 Bath and Body Ink, India, Scent to Her Grave (#1) Not started
889 Believe Trilogy Inclan, Jessica Barksdale, When You Believe (#1) Not started
890 MoonBound Clan Vampire Ione, Larissa, Bound By Night (#1) Not started
891 Funeral Planner Trilogy Isenberg, Lynn, The Funeral Planner (#1) Not started
892 The Guardians of Eternity Ivy, Alexandra, When Darkness Comes (#1) Not started
893 New Orleans Jackson, Lisa, Hot Blooded (#1) Not started
894 San Francisco / Cahill Family Jackson, Lisa, If She Only Knew (#1) Not started
895 Dark Jewels Jackson, Lisa, Dark Ruby (#1) Not started
896 West Coast Jackson, Lisa, Deep Freeze (#1) Not started
897 Savannah Jackson, Lisa, The Night Before (#1) Not started
898 Medieval Series Jackson, Lisa, Impostress (#1) Not started
899 December Vaughn Holliday, Alesia, Blondes Have More Felons (#1) Not started
900 Divine Jackson, Melanie, Divine Fire (#1) Not started
901 Lutin Empire Jackson, Melanie, Traveler (#1) Not started
902 Kate Austen Jacobs, Jonnie, Murder Among Neighbors (#1) Not started
903 Kali O'Brien Jacobs, Jonnie, Shadow of Doubt (#1) Not started
904 Friday Night Knitting Club Jacobs, Kate, The Friday Night Knitting Club (#1) Not started
905 Arboretti Family Jaffe, Michele, The Stargazer (#1) Not started
906 Desperate Duchesses James, Eloisa, Desperate Duchesses (#1) Not started
907 The Duchess Quartet James, Eloisa, Duchess in Love (#1) Not started
908 The Essex Sisters James, Eloisa, Much Ado About You (#1) Not started
909 Eloisa's Fairy Tales James, Eloisa, A Kiss at Midnight (#1) Not started
910 Cat in the Stacks Mystery James, Miranda, Murder Past Due (#1) Not started
911 The McBride Trilogy James, Samantha, The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell (#1) Not started
912 Brooke Miller Janowitz, Brenda, Scot on the Rocks (#1) Not started
913 Hellions of Halstead Hall Jeffries, Sabrina, The Truth About Lord Stoneville (#1) Not started
914 The Duke's Men Jeffries, Sabrina, What the Duke Desires (#1) Not started
915 My Immortal Jewel, Carolyn, My Wicked Enemy (#1) Not started
916 The Sons of Destiny Johnson, Jean, The Sword (#1) Not started
917 The Queen of the Tearling Johansen, Erika, The Queen of the Tearling (#1) Not started
918 Journals of Kate Cavanaugh John, Cathie, Add One Dead Critic (#1) Not started
919 Beach House John, Sally, The Beach House (#1) Not started
920 Kendra Ballantyne, Petsitter Mysteries Johnston, Linda O., Sit, Stay, Slay (#1) Not started
921 Charley Davidson Jones, Darynda, First Grave On the Right (#1) Not started
922 Children of the Sun Jones, Linda Winstead, Prince of Magic (#1) Not started
923 Fyne sisters Jones, Linda Winstead, The Sun Witch (#1) Not started
924 Paradise Jordan, Nicole, Master of Temptation (#1) Not started
925 Francesca Cahill (Deadly) Joyce, Brenda, Deadly Love (#1) Not started
926 deWarenne Dynasty Joyce, Brenda, The Conqueror (#1) Not started
927 Recipes with Romance Jump, Shirley, The Bride Wore Chocolate (#1) Not started
928 Pine Grove Series Joachim, Jean C., Unpredictable Love (#1) Not started
929 Black Diamond Kane, Andrea, Legacy of the Diamond (#1) Not started
930 Barrett Kane, Andrea, My Heart's Desire (#1) Not started
931 Forensic Instincts Kane, Andrea, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice (#1) Not started
932 Thornton Kane, Andrea, The Last Duke (#1) Not started
933 FBI Kane, Andrea, Twisted (#1) Not started
934 Pete 'Monty' Montgomery Kane, Andrea, Wrong Place, Wrong Time (#1) Not started
935 Children of the Sea Kantra, Virginia, Sea Witch (#1) Not started
936 Magical Cures Kappes, Tonya, A Charming Crime (#1) Not started
937 Bluegrass Kappes, Tonya, Grooming Mr. Right (#1) Not started
938 Mitford Karon, Jan, At Home in Mitford (#1) Not started
939 Laura Fleming Mysteries Kelner, Toni L P, Down Home Murder (#1) Not started
940 The Door-world Katherine, Anna, Salt and Silver (#1) Not started
941 Glass Slipper, Inc Kauffman, Donna, The Cinderella Rules (#1) Not started
942 Paranormal Kauffman, Donna, The Legend MacKinnon (#1) Not started
943 Fionavar Tapestry Kay, Guy Gavriel, The Summer Tree (#1) Not started
944 BAD Agency Kenyon, Sherrilyn, Love, Dianna, Born to be Bad (#0) Not started
945 Chronicles of Nick Kenyon, Sherrilyn, Infinity (#1) Not started
946 Dream Hunters Kenyon, Sherrilyn, The Dream Hunter (#1) Not started
947 Feather Duster Mystery Key, Eileen, Dog Gone! (#1) Not started
948 Kat Colorado Kijewski, Karen, Katwalk (#1) Not started
949 Mantra for Murder Mystery Killian, Diana, Corpse Pose (#1) Not started
950 Haunted Bookshop Kimberly, Alice, The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (#1) Not started
951 The Dark Tower King, Stephen, Current
952 Green Mile King, Stephen, Current
953 The Dark Tower Graphic Novels King, Stephen, David, Peter, Furth, Robin, Current
954 Shining King, Stephen, Doctor Sleep (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
955 The Bill Hodges Trilogy King, Stephen, Mr. Mercedes (#1) Not started
956 Talisman King, Stephen, Straub, Peter, The Talisman (#1) Not started
957 Scottish Clans (Scott-Macrae-Fraser) King, Susan, The Heather Moon (#1) Not started
958 Pennyfoot Hotel Kingsbury, Kate, A Perilous Promise (#0) Not started
959 Manor House Kingsbury, Kate, A Bicycle Built for Murder (#1) Not started
960 Jane Madison/Red Dress Ink Klasky, Mindy, Girl's Guide To Witchcraft (#1) Not started
961 Glasswrights' Guild Klasky, Mindy, Current
962 Wallflowers Kleypas, Lisa, Again the Magic (#0.5) Not started
963 Travis Kleypas, Lisa, Sugar Daddy (#1) Not started
964 Friday Harbor Kleypas, Lisa, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (#1) Not started
965 Gamblers Kleypas, Lisa, Then Came You (#1) Not started
966 Bow Street Runners Kleypas, Lisa, Someone to Watch Over Me (#1) Not started
967 Hathaways Kleypas, Lisa, Mine Till Midnight (#1) Not started
968 Vallerands Kleypas, Lisa, Only in Your Arms (#1) Not started
969 Mageverse Knight, Angela, Wicked Games (#0.4) Not started
970 Daughters of Myth Korbel, Kathleen, Dangerous Temptation (#1) Not started
971 Eclipse Bay Krentz, Jayne Ann, Eclipse Bay (#1) Not started
972 Dreams Krentz, Jayne Ann, Dreams 1 (#1) Not started
973 Arcane Society : Dreamlight Trilogy Quick, Amanda, Krentz, Jayne Ann, Castle, Jayne, Fired Up (#7) Not started
974 Arcane Society Quick, Amanda, Krentz, Jayne Ann, Castle, Jayne, Second Sight (#1) Not started
975 Verity Ames / Jonas Quarrel Krentz, Jayne Ann, Gift of Gold (#1) Not started
976 Whispering Springs Krentz, Jayne Ann, Light in Shadow (#1) Not started
977 Ladies and Legends Trilogy Krentz, Jayne Ann, The Pirate (#1) Not started
978 19th Century Werewolf Krinard, Susan, Touch of the Wolf (#1) Not started
979 Val Cache Krinard, Susan, Prince of Wolves (#1) Not started
980 Gilded Age Kruger, Mary, Death on the Cliff Walk (#1) Not started
981 MacLeod Family Kurland, Lynn, A Dance Through Time (#1) Not started
982 De Piaget Kurland, Lynn, Another Chance to Dream (#1) Not started
983 Novel of the Nine Kingdoms Kurland, Lynn, Star of the Morning (#1) Not started
984 Diana Tregarde (Elves on the Road) Lackey, Mercedes, magic 101 (#.5) Not started
985 Five Hundred Kingdoms Lackey, Mercedes, The Fairy Godmother (#1) Not started
986 His Fair Assassin LaFevers, R L, LaFevers, Robin, Grave Mercy (#1) Not started
987 Gladdy Gold Lakin, Rita, Getting Old Is Murder (#1) Not started
988 Meadowlark Lampman, Carolyn, Meadowlark (#1) Not started
989 Mystical Highlands Langan, Ruth, Highland Sword (#1) Not started
990 Darina Lisle Laurence, Janet, A Deepe Coffyn (#1) Not started
991 Bastion Club Novels Laurens, Stephanie, Captain Jack's Woman (#0) Not started
992 Forever Vampire Laurey, Rosemary, Into the Mists Forever (#0.5) Not started
993 Psychic Eye Mystery Laurie, Victoria, Blind Sighted (#0.5) 12% (2 of 16)
994 Ghost Hunter Mystery Laurie, Victoria, What's a Ghoul to Do? (#1) Not started
995 Kingsley In Love Kane, Andrea, Echoes In The Mist (#1) Not started
996 Decoupage Murder Mystery Lawrence, Lucy, Stuck On Murder (#1) Not started
997 Breeds Leigh, Lora, He is Male Therefore (#0.2) Not started
998 Emma Andrews Lepore, Jacqueline, Descent Into Dust (#1) Not started
999 Jaine Austen Levine, Laura, This Pen for Hire (#1) Not started
1000 Wells Landing Lillard, Amy, Caroline's Secret (#1) Not started
1001 Fat Cat Myseries Lilley, Kathryn, Dying to Be Thin (#1) Not started
1002 Malory Family Lindsey, Johanna, Love Only Once (#1) Not started
1003 Reid Family Lindsey, Johanna, The Heir (#1) Not started
1004 Shefford's Knights Lindsey, Johanna, Defy Not the Heart (#1) Not started
1005 Viking Family Tree Lindsey, Johanna, Fires of Winter (#1) Not started
1006 Glorious Angel Lindsey, Johanna, Glorious Angel (#1) Not started
1007 Cardinian Lindsey, Johanna, Once a Princess (#1) Not started
1008 Girls Do Or Don't Linz, Cathie, Good Girls Do (#1) Not started
1009 Kurland St. Mary Mysteries Lloyd, Catherine, Death Comes to the Village (#1) Not started
1010 Dogwood County Lockwood, Cara, Every Demon Has His Day (#1) Not started
1011 Crandell Sisters Lockwood, Cara, I Do (But I Don't) (#1) Not started
1012 The Scandalous Series London, Julia, The Book of Scandal (#1) Not started
1013 Lockhart Family London, Julia, Highlander Unbound (#1) Not started
1014 The Desperate Debutantes London, Julia, The Hazards of Hunting a Duke (#1) Not started
1015 Murder-By-Month Mystery Lourey, Jess, May Day (#1) Not started
1016 Devilishly Love, Kathy, Devilishly Hot (#1) Not started
1017 Forensic Handwriting Mystery Lowe, Sheila, Poison Pen (#1) Not started
1018 Wing Slayers Hunters Lyon, Jennifer, Blood Magic (#1) Not started
1019 Dark Ones MacAlister, Katie, A Girl's Guide to Vampires (#1) Not started
1020 Aisling Grey, Guardian MacAlister, Katie, You Slay Me (#1) Not started
1021 Karma Marx MacAlister, Katie, Ghost of a Chance (#1) Not started
1022 Noble MacAlister, Katie, Noble Intentions (#1) Not started
1023 Magic Macela, Ann, The Oldest Kind of Magic (#1) Not started
1024 MacAllisters MacGregor, Kinley, Master of Desire (#1) Not started
1025 Lords of Avalon MacGregor, Kinley, Sword of Darkness (#1) Not started
1026 Gray Whale Inn Mystery MacInerney, Karen, Murder On the Rocks (#1) Not started
1027 Scottish Mackay, Allie, Highlander in Her Bed (#1) Not started
1028 Duchess of Love Trilogy MacKenzie, Sally, The Duchess of Love (#.5) Not started
1029 Naked Nobility MacKenzie, Sally, The Naked Duke (#1) Not started
1030 Immortal Warriors MacKenzie, Sara, Return of the Highlander (#1) Not started
1031 Professor Peter Shandy MacLeod, Charlotte, Rest You Merry (#1) Not started
1032 Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn MacLeod, Charlotte, The Family Vault (#1) Not started
1033 Louisa May Alcott Mystery Maclean, Anna, Louisa and the Missing Heiress (#1) Not started
1034 Scandal & Scoundrel MacLean, Sarah, The Rogue Not Taken (#1) Not started
1035 Witch MacCullough, Carolyn, Once a Witch (#1) Not started
1036 Cedar Cove Macomber, Debbie, 16 Lighthouse Road (#1) Not started
1037 Blossom Street (Knitting) Macomber, Debbie, The Shop on Blossom Street (#1) Not started
1038 Mrs. Miracle Macomber, Debbie, Mrs. Miracle (#1) Not started
1039 Dakota Macomber, Debbie, Dakota Farm (#0.5) Not started
1040 New Beginnings Macomber, Debbie, Last One Home (#1) Not started
1041 Heart of Texas Macomber, Debbie, Lonesome Cowboy (#1) Not started
1042 Rose Harbor Inn Macomber, Debbie, When First They Met (#0.5) Not started
1043 Christmas Macomber, Debbie, Can This Be Christmas? (#1) Not started
1044 Those Manning Men Macomber, Debbie, Marriage of Inconvenience (#1) Not started
1045 Torie O'Shea MacPherson, Rett, Family Skeletons (#1) Not started
1046 Baird House Madden, Mickee, Everlastin' (#1) Not started
1047 Charlotte Adams Maffini, Mary Jane, Organize Your Corpses (#1) Not started
1048 Wicked Years Maguire, Gregory, Tales Told in Oz (#0.5) Not started
1049 Judge Deborah Knott Maron, Margaret, Bootlegger's Daughter (#1) Not started
1050 Sinclair Sisters Martin, Kat, Midnight Sun (#1) Not started
1051 Garrick Martin, Kat, Gypsy Lord (#1) Not started
1052 Heart Trilogy Martin, Kat, Heart of Honor (#1) Not started
1053 Kingsland Martin, Kat, Innocence Undone (#1) Not started
1054 Southern Martin, Kat, Creole Fires (#1) Not started
1055 Paranormal Series II Martin, Kat, Scent of Roses (#1) Not started
1056 Necklace Martin, Kat, The Bride's Necklace (#1) Not started
1057 Blackbird Sisters Mysteries Martin, Nancy, How to Murder a Millionaire (#1) Not started
1058 Christmas, Colorado Mason, Debbie, The Trouble with Christmas (#1) Not started
1059 Paige Turner Mysteries Matetsky, Amanda, Murderers Prefer Blondes (#1) Not started
1060 Scandals and Seductions Maxwell, Cathy, A Seduction at Christmas (#1) Not started
1061 Marriage Maxwell, Cathy, Married in Haste (#1) Not started
1062 Stained Glass Mystery McAndrews, Jennifer, Ill-Gotten Panes (#1) Not started
1063 Debutante Dropout McBride, Susan, Blue Blood (#1) Not started
1064 Seven Deadly Sins McCarthy, Erin, My Immortal (#1) Not started
1065 The Highland Guard Series McCarty, Monica, The Chief (#1) Not started
1066 Once Upon a Wedding McClymer, Kelly, The Fairy Tale Bride (#1) Not started
1067 Magic McCray, Cheyenne, Forbidden Magic (#1) Not started
1068 Savannah Reid McKevett, G A, Just Desserts (#1) Not started
1069 Folktales McKinley, Robin, Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast (#1) Not started
1070 Van Alen Sisters McKinney, Meagan, Lions and Lace (#1) Not started
1071 Nanny Diaries McLaughlin, Emma, Kraus, Nicola, The Nanny Diaries (#1) Not started
1072 Blossom Valley Mysteries McLaughlin, Staci, Going Organic Can Kill You (#1) Not started
1073 October Daye McGuire, Seanan, The Fixed Stars (#0.01) Not started
1074 Westmoreland Dynasty Saga McNaught, Judith, A Kingdom of Dreams (#1) Not started
1075 Secuels McNaught, Judith, Once and Always (#1) Not started
1076 Paradise McNaught, Judith, Paradise (#1) Not started
1077 Foster Saga McNaught, Judith, Double Exposure (#1) Not started
1078 Vampire Academy Mead, Richelle, Kisses From Hell (#0.5) Not started
1079 Rosie the Riveter Meade, Amy Patricia, Don't Die Under the Apple Tree (#1) Not started
1080 Fairy Tale Medeiros, Teresa, Charming the Prince (#1) Not started
1081 Kane Trilogy Medeiros, Teresa, After Midnight (#1) Not started
1082 Lennox Witch Medeiros, Teresa, Breath of Magic (#1) Not started
1083 Brides of Legend Medeiros, Teresa, Shadows and Lace (#1) Not started
1084 Fairleigh Medeiros, Teresa, A Kiss to Remember (#1) Not started
1085 Kincaid Highland Medeiros, Teresa, Some Like It Wicked (#1) Not started
1086 Lucy Stone Mysteries Meier, Leslie, Mistletoe Murder (#1) Not started
1087 Lord and Ladies Quartet Merritt, Emma, Lord of Fire (#1) Not started
1088 Georgetown Michaels, Barbara, Ammie Come Home (#1) Not started
1089 Maggie Kelly Michaels, Kasey, Maggie Needs an Alibi (#1) Not started
1090 Blackthorn Brothers Michaels, Kasey, The Taming of the Rake (#1) Not started
1091 His Chariot Awaits Michaels, Kasey, His Chariot Awaits (#1) Not started
1092 Annie March Mystery Matetsky, Amanda, The Perfect Body (#1) Not started
1093 Classic Alphabet Regency Romance Michaels, Kasey, The Belligerent Miss Boynton (#1) Not started
1094 Clan Gunn Michaels, Theresa, Fire and Sword (#1) Not started
1095 The Muses's Salon Miles, Rachael, Jilting the Duke (#1) Not started
1096 Vampire Miller, Linda Lael, Forever and the Night (#1) Not started
1097 McKettrick Miller, Linda Lael, High Country Bride (#1) Not started
1098 Montana Creeds Miller, Linda Lael, Montana Creeds Logan (#1) Not started
1099 Charlie Greene Millhiser, Marlys, Murder at Moot Point (#1) Not started
1100 Allie Beckstrom Monk, Devon, Magic to the Bone (#1) Not started
1101 Dani O'Malley (Fever World Trilogy) Moning, Karen Marie, Iced (#6) Not started
1102 Love Story Moore, Christopher, Bloodsucking Fiends (#1) Not started
1103 Warrior Moore, Margaret, A Warrior's Heart (#1) Not started
1104 Brothers-in-Arms Moore, Margaret, Bride of Lochbarr (#1) Not started
1105 Warriors of the Mist Morgan, Alexis, My Lady Mage (#1) Not started
1106 Dispossessed Morgan, Page, The Beautiful and the Cursed (#1) Not started
1107 Languedoc Trilogy Mosse, Kate, Labyrinth (#1) Not started
1108 Lord of Bones Musk, Justine, BloodAngel (#1) Not started
1109 Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries with Recipes Myers, Tamar, Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (#1) Not started
1110 Soap Boutique Mysteries Myers, Tim, Dead Men Don't Lye (#1) Not started
1111 Succubus Diaries Myles, Jill, Foreplay: A Succubus Diaries Prequel (#.5) Not started
1112 Knitting Kruger, Mary, Died in the Wool (#1) Not started
1113 Druids of Avalon Nash, Joy, Celtic Fire (#1) Not started
1114 U.S. Marshals Neggers, Carla, Cold Ridge (#1) Not started
1115 Young Brothers Love, Kathy, Fangs for the Memories (#1) Not started
1116 Me Before You Moyes, Jojo, Me Before You (#1) Not started
1117 Djinn Nance, Kathleen, Wishes Come True (#1) Not started
1118 Irish Village Mystery O'Connor, Carlene, Murder in an Irish Village (#1) Not started
1119 Molly Masters O'Kane, Leslie, Death and Faxes (#1) Not started
1120 Tattoo Shop Mystery Olson, Karen E, The Missing Ink (#1) Not started
1121 Piper Prescott Mysteries Oust, Gail, Rosemary and Crime (#1) Not started
1122 Bunco Babes Mystery Oust, Gail, Whack 'n Roll (#1) Not started
1123 Westham-Brentwood Michaels, Kasey, The Butler Did It (#1) Not started
1124 Ghost Seer Owens, Robin D., Ghost Seer (#1) Not started
1125 Celta Owens, Robin D., Heart Mate (#1) Not started
1126 Faith Fairchild Page, Katherine Hall, The Body in the Belfry (#1) Not started
1127 House of Comarre Painter, Kristen, Current
1128 Crescent City Painter, Kristen, House of the Rising Sun (#1) Not started
1129 Wyoming Men Palmer, Diana, Wyoming Tough (#1) Not started
1130 Daytime Mysteries Palmer, Linda, Love Is Murder (#1) Not started
1131 Inheritance Cycle Paolini, Christopher, Eragon (#1) Not started
1132 Perfect Proposals Mystery Parra, Nancy J, Engaged in Murder (#1) Not started
1133 Women's Murder Club Patterson, James, Gross, Andrew, Paetro, Maxine, 1st to Die (#1) Not started
1134 Alex Cross Patterson, James, DiLallo, Richard, Sullivan, Mark T, Along Came a Spider (#1) Not started
1135 Dixie Patton, Lisa, Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter: A Novel (#1) Not started
1136 Enchanters Paul, Susan Spencer, Touch of Night (#1) Not started
1137 Bride Paul, Susan Spencer, The Brides Portion (#1) Not started
1138 Angie Amalfi Pence, Joanne, Something's Cooking (#1) Not started
1139 Christmas novellas Perry, Anne, A Christmas Journey (#1) Not started
1140 Thomas Pitt Perry, Anne, The Cater Street Hangman (#1) Not started
1141 Amelia Peabody Peters, Elizabeth, Crocodile on the Sandbank (#1) Not started
1142 Sign of the Zodiac Pettersson, Vicki, The Scent of Shadows (#1) Not started
1143 Simply Series Phillips, Carly, Simply Sinful (#1) Not started
1144 Hot Zone Phillips, Carly, Hot Stuff (#1) Not started
1145 Costas Sisters Phillips, Carly, Under the Boardwalk (#1) Not started
1146 Chandler Brothers Phillips, Carly, The Bachelor (#1) Not started
1147 Cobbled Court Bostwick, Marie, A Single Thread (#1) Not started
1148 Chicago Stars Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, It Had To Be You (#1) Not started
1149 Maker's Song Phoenix, Adrian, A Rush of Wings (#1) Not started
1150 Jenny Cain Pickard, Nancy, Generous Death (#1) Not started
1151 Eugenia Potter Pickard, Nancy, The 27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders (#4) Not started
1152 Simons Trilogy Price, Eugenia, Lighthouse (#1) Not started
1153 Grime Solvers Mystery Price, Suzanne, Scene of the Grime (#1) Not started
1154 The Fallen Angel Series Putney, Mary Jo, Thunder and Roses (#1) Not started
1155 Lost Lords Putney, Mary Jo, Loving a Lost Lord (#1) Not started
1156 The Bride Trilogy Putney, Mary Jo, Wild Child (#1) Not started
1157 Circle of Friends Putney, Mary Jo, The Burning Point (#1) Not started
1158 Vanza Quick, Amanda, With This Ring (#1) Not started
1159 Lavinia Lake Quick, Amanda, Slightly Shady (#1) Not started
1160 Bridgerton Series Quinn, Julia, The Duke & I (#1) Not started
1161 The Blydon Family Saga Quinn, Julia, Splendid (#1) Not started
1162 Agents for the Crown Quinn, Julia, To Catch an Heiress (#1) Not started
1163 Two Dukes of Wyndham Quinn, Julia, The Lost Duke of Wyndham (#1) Not started
1164 Bevelstoke Quinn, Julia, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (#1) Not started
1165 Esther Diamond Resnick, Laura, Disappearing Nightly (#1) Not started
1166 Falling Kingdoms Rhodes, Morgan, Crimson Dagger: Part 1 (#0.1) Not started
1167 The Mayfair Witches Rice, Anne, The Witching Hour (#1) Not started
1168 Hubbard's Point / Black Hall Rice, Luanne, Firefly Beach (#1) Not started
1169 Magic Rice, Patricia, Merely Magic (#1) Not started
1170 Moon Dreams Rice, Patricia, Moon Dreams (#1) Not started
1171 Paper Rice, Patricia, Paper Roses (#1) Not started
1172 Greywalker Richardson, Kat, Greywalker (#1) Not started
1173 Chas Wheatley Richman, Phyllis, The Butter Did It: A Gastronomic Tale of Love and Murder (#1) Not started
1174 Thrill of It All Ridgway, Christie, The Thrill of It All (#1) Not started
1175 Wicked Sinful Ridley, Erica, Too Wicked To Kiss (#1) Not started
1176 Victoria Trumbull Riggs, Cynthia, Deadly NightShade (#1) Not started
1177 Amanda Pepper Roberts, Gillian, Caught Dead in Philadelphia (#1) Not started
1178 Liz Sullivan Roberts, Lora, Murder in a Nice Neighborhood (#1) Not started
1179 Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery Roberts, Natalie M., Tutu Deadly (#1) Not started
1180 Life in Icicle Falls Roberts, Sheila, Better Than Chocolate (#1) Not started
1181 Persephone Alcmedi Robertson, Linda, Marlboros and Magic (#0.5) Not started
1182 Miss Julia Ross, Ann B, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (#1) Not started
1183 Stewart Sisters Ross, JoAnn, Out of the Mist (#1) Not started
1184 Immortality Bites Rowen, Michelle, Bitten and Smitten (#1) Not started
1185 Living in Eden Rowen, Michelle, The Demon in Me (#1) Not started
1186 Flower Trilogy Royal, Lauren, The Viscount's Wallflower Bride (#5) Not started
1187 Once Upon Roberts, Nora, Spellbound (#1) Not started
1188 Doan McChandler/Binky Van De Camp Mystery Outland, Orland, Death Wore A Smart Little Outfit (#1) Not started
1189 Laurel McKay Sample, Cindy, Dying for a Date (#1) Not started
1190 Argeneau Vampires Sands, Lynsay, A Quick Bite (#1) Not started
1191 Deed Sands, Lynsay, The Deed (#1) Not started
1192 Thistle & Twigg Mysteries Saums, Mary, Thistle and Twigg (#1) Not started
1193 Border Trilogy Scott, Amanda, Border Bride (#1) Not started
1194 Secret Clan Scott, Amanda, Abducted Heiress (#1) Not started
1195 Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Scott, Michael, The Alchemyst (#1) Not started
1196 Wine Lover's Mystery Scott, Michele, Murder Uncorked (#1) Not started
1197 Knitting Mystery Sefton, Maggie, Knit One, Kill Two (#1) Not started
1198 Rowan Gant Sellars, M R, Harm None (#1) Not started
1199 Heartbreaker Bay Shalvis, Jill, Sweet Little Lies (#1) Not started
1200 Wings in the Night Shayne, Maggie, Twilight Phantasies (#1) Not started
1201 Mordecai Young Shayne, Maggie, Thicker Than Water (#1) Not started
1202 Eternity/Immortal Witches Shayne, Maggie, Eternity (#1) Not started
1203 Fairies of Shara Shayne, Maggie, Fairytale (#1) Not started
1204 Oklahoma All-Girl Brands Shayne, Maggie, The Brands Who Came for Christmas (#1) Not started
1205 Rocky Pelligrino Sheehan, Jacqueline, Lost & Found (#1) Not started
1206 Country Cooking School Mystery Shelton, Paige, If Fried Chicken Could Fly (#1) Not started
1207 The Scottish Bookshop Mystery Shelton, Paige, The Cracked Spine (#1) Not started
1208 Immortal Shields, Gillian, Immortal (#1) Not started
1209 Rachel Benjamin Sturman, Jennifer, The Pact (#1) Not started
1210 Seaswept Seduction Sumner, Tracy, Tides Of Love (#1) Not started
1211 Scumble River Mysteries Swanson, Denise, Murder of a Small-Town Honey (#1) Not started
1212 Devereaux Dime Store Mystery Swanson, Denise, Little Shop of Homicide (#1) Not started
1213 Yellow Rose Mysteries Sweeney, Leann, Pick Your Poison (#1) Not started
1214 Patricia Delaney Short, Sharon, Angel's Bidding (#1) Not started
1215 Stain-Busting Mystery Short, Sharon, Death of a Domestic Diva (#1) Not started
1216 Lords of the Underworld Series Showalter, Gena, The Darkest Fire (#0.5) Not started
1217 Fortune's Rocks Quartet Shreve, Anita, Fortune's Rocks (#1) Not started
1218 Wicked Deceptions Shupe, Joanna, The Courtesan Duchess (#1) Not started
1219 Dark Gothic Silver, Eve, Dark Desires (#1) Not started
1220 de Burghs Simmons, Deborah, Taming the Wolf (#1) Not started
1221 Inspector Thanet Simpson, Dorothy, The Night She Died (#1) Not started
1222 Forbidden Tarot Simpson, Patricia, The Dark Lord (#1) Not started
1223 Guild Hunter Singh, Nalini, Angels' Pawn (#0.5) Not started
1224 Darkwing Chronicles Russe, Savannah, Beyond the Pale (#1) Not started
1225 Primes Series Sizemore, Susan, Stealing Magic (#0.5) Not started
1226 Mystery of Love Skully, Jennifer, Drop Dead Gorgeous (#1) Not started
1227 It's Fate Series Skully, Jennifer, Drop Dead Gorgeous (#1) Not started
1228 Draycott Abbey Skye, Christina, Enchantment (#0.4) Not started
1229 Trouville Stone, Lyn, The Knights Bride (#1) Not started
1230 Time Between Us Stone, Tamara Ireland, Time Between Us (#1) Not started
1231 44 Scotland Street Series McCall Smith, Alexander, 44 Scotland Street (#1) Not started
1232 Skye's Legacy Small, Bertrice, Darling Jasmine (#1) Not started
1233 Kitzi Camden Smith, Barbara Burnett, Bead on Trouble (#1) Not started
1234 Red Hat Club Smith, Haywood, The Red Hat Club (#1) Not started
1235 Emily Castles Mystery Smith, Helen, Three Sisters (#1) Not started
1236 Rebecca Schwartz Smith, Julie, Death Turns a Trick (#1) Not started
1237 Friends Trilogy Smith, Kathryn, A Seductive Offer (#1) Not started
1238 Brotherhood of Blood Smith, Kathryn, Be Mine Tonight (#1) Not started
1239 Historical Hero World Sparks, Kerrelyn, The Forbidden Lady (#1) Not started
1240 Love at Stake Sparks, Kerrelyn, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (#1) Not started
1241 Family Tree Mystery Sprinkle, Patricia, Death On the Family Tree (#1) Not started
1242 Companion Vampires Squires, Susan, Sacrament (#0) Not started
1243 Kate Shugak Stabenow, Dana, Nooses Give (#0.5) Not started
1244 The Witchery Series Stamps, Laura, The Witches of Dixie (#1) Not started
1245 Social Media Staub, Wendy Corsi, The Good Sister (#01) Not started
1246 Bubbles Yablonsky Strohmeyer, Sarah, Bubbles Unbound (#1) Not started
1247 Leonardo Da Vinci Mystery Stuckart, Diane, The Queen's Gambit (#1) Not started
1248 Les Gargouillen Taylor, Vickie, Carved in Stone (#1) Not started
1249 Heaven Lee Temple, Lou Jane, Death by Rhubarb (#1) Not started
1250 Blood Moon Thompson, Dawn, Blood Moon (#1) Not started
1251 Second Chances Stone, Jean, Once Upon A Bride (#1) Not started
1252 Weddings by Bella Thompson, Janice, Swinging on a Star (#2) Not started
1253 Wild Wulfs of London Thompson, Ronda, "A Wulf's Curse" in Midnight Pleasures (#0.5) Not started
1254 Hex Thompson, Vicki Lewis, Over Hexed (#1) Not started
1255 Gaslight Mysteries Thompson, Victoria, Murder on Astor Place (#1) Not started
1256 Trap Thornton, Elizabeth, The Marriage Trap (#1) Not started
1257 Cal and Niko Leandros Thurman, Rob, Nightlife (#1) Not started
1258 Regina Cutter Tishy, Cecelia, Now You See Her (#1) Not started
1259 Booked for Travel Toll, Emily, Murder Will Travel (#1) Not started
1260 Valentine Trilogy Trigiani, Adriana, Very Valentine (#1) Not started
1261 Callahan Garrity Trocheck, Kathy Hogan, Every Crooked Nanny (#1) Not started
1262 The Darkyn Viehl, Lynn, If Angels Burn (#1) Not started
1263 Kyndred Viehl, Lynn, Shadowlight (#1) Not started
1264 Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Viets, Elaine, Dying In Style (#1) Not started
1265 Francesca Vierling Viets, Elaine, Backstab (#1) Not started
1266 Dead-End Job Viets, Elaine, Shop Till You Drop (#1) Not started
1267 Mom Yaffe, James, A Nice Murder for Mom (#1) Not started
1268 43 Light Street York, Rebecca, Life Line (#1) Not started
1269 The Moon York, Rebecca, Killing Moon (#1) Not started
1270 Black Dagger Legacy Ward, J. R., Blood Kiss (#1) Not started
1271 Party-Planning Mystery Warner, Penny, How to Host a Killer Party (#1) Not started
1272 Novels of the Others Warren, Christine, One Bite with a Stranger (#1) Not started
1273 Fresh Baked Mysteries Washburn, Livia J., A Peach of a Murder (#1) Not started
1274 Delilah Dickinson Literary Tour Mysteries Washburn, Livia J., Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead (#1) Not started
1275 Mystery a la Mode Watson, Wendy Lyn, I Scream, You Scream (#1) Not started
1276 Amory Ames Mystery Weaver, Ashley, Murder at the Brightwell (#1) Not started
1277 Southern Cousins Mysteries (Elvis) Webb, Peggy, Jack Loves Callie Tender (#0.5) Not started
1278 Zoe Martinique Weldon, Phaedra, Ghoul (#0.1) Not started
1279 MacKenzie Welfonder, Sue-Ellen, Devil in a Kilt (#1) Not started
1280 MacLean Welfonder, Sue-Ellen, Knight in My Bed (#1) Not started
1281 Tucker Mills Wick, Lori, Just Above a Whisper (#1) Not started
1282 Big Sky Dreams Wick, Lori, Cassidy (#1) Not started
1283 Kensington Chronicles Wick, Lori, The Hawk and the Jewel (#1) Not started
1284 English Garden Wick, Lori, The Proposal (#1) Not started
1285 Lakeshore Chronicles Wiggs, Susan, Summer At Willow Lake (#1) Not started
1286 Marietta Danver Trilogy Wilde, Jennifer, Loves Tender Fury (#1) Not started
1287 Barbara Holloway Wilhelm, Kate, Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos (#1) Not started
1288 Brenda Midnight Wilson, Barbara Jaye, Death Brims Over (#1) Not started
1289 Tairen Soul Saga Wilson, C. L., Lord of the Fading Lands (#1) Not started
1290 Jazz Tremaine Wisdom, Linda, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (#1) Not started
1291 Highlands Wolff, Veronica, Master of the Highlands (#1) Not started
1292 Susan Henshaw Wolzien, Valerie, Murder at a PTA Luncheon (#1) Not started
1293 Cecelia and Kate Wrede, Patricia C, Current
1294 Enchanted Forest Wrede, Patricia C, Dealing with Dragons (#1) Not started
1295 Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries Allen, Beverly, Bloom and Doom (#1) Not started
1296 Bad Luck Brides Dawson, Geralyn, The Bad Luck Wedding Dress (#1) Not started
1297 The League Kenyon, Sherrilyn, Born of Night (#1) Not started
1298 Sophie Katz Davis, Kyra, Sex, Murder and a Double Latte (#1) Not started
1299 Master at Arms Blake, Jennifer, Challenge to Honor (#1) Not started
1300 Gina Champion Wilkins, Kim, Bloodlace (#1) Not started
1301 The Maverick Billionaires Andre, Bella, Skully, Jennifer, Breathless In Love (#1) Not started
1302 Gigi Chihuahua Mystery Allbritten, Esri, Chihuahua of the Baskervilles (#1) Not started
1303 Victoria Square Mystery Bartlett, Lorraine, Cass, Laurie, Leeson, Gayle, A Crafty Killing (#1) Not started
1304 Blythe Cove Manor Hailstock, Shirley, Bartlett, Lorraine, A Dream Weekend (#1) Not started
1305 Life On Victoria Square Bartlett, Lorraine, Carving Out A Path (#1) Not started
1306 Lotus Bay Mystery Bartlett, Lorraine, Panty Raid (#0.5) Not started
1307 A Wedding Planner Mystery Blackmoore, Stephanie, Engaged in Death (#1) Not started
1308 Domestic Bliss Mysteries Caine, Leslie, Death By Inferior Design (#1) Not started
1309 A Cajun Country Mystery Series Byron, Ellen, Plantation Shudders (#1) Not started
1310 1-800-Where-R-You Cabot, Meg, When Lightning Strikes (#1) Not started
1311 Charlotte LaRue Colley, Barbara, Maid for Murder (#1) Not started
1312 Desiree Shapiro Eichler, Selma, Murder Can Kill Your Social Life (#1) Not started
1313 Ruby McGavin Fowler, Earlene, The Saddlemaker's Wife (#1) Not started
1314 Love Mercy Johnson Fowler, Earlene, Love Mercy (#1) Not started
1315 Dame Frevisse Frazer, Margaret, The Novice's Tale (#1) Not started
1316 Joliffe Frazer, Margaret,