# Series Author Next Book Progress
1 Flame in the Mist Ahdieh, Renee, Flame in the Mist (#1) Not started
2 Kate Daniels Andrews, Ilona, A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels prequel) (#0.5) 5% (1 of 20)
3 Curran POV Andrews, Ilona, Andrews, Gordon, Curran, Volume I (#1) Not started
4 Kate Daniels World Andrews, Ilona, Gunmetal Magic (#5.5) Not started
5 Grey Wolf Andrews, Ilona, Magic Stars (#8.5) Not started
6 Mode Anthony, Piers, DoOon Mode (#4) 75% (3 of 4)
7 The Bear and the Nightingale Arden, Katherine, The Bear and the Nightingale (#1) Not started
8 Age of Legends Armstrong, Kelley, Sea of Shadows (#1) Not started
9 Kiesha'ra Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia, Hawksong (#1) Not started
10 Maeveara Trilogy Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia, The Rebel: A Maeve'ra Trilogy Short Story (#0.5) Not started
11 Red Queen Aveyard, Victoria, Queen Song (#0.1) Not started
12 Paradox Bach, Rachel, Fortune's Pawn (#1) Not started
13 Forsaken Gods Bailey, G., June, Coralee, Eternal Soul (#1) Not started
14 The Brotherhood of the Damned Bast, Anya, Embrace of the Damned (#1) Not started
15 Dark Magick Bast, Anya, Sweet Enchantmen (#0.5) Not started
16 World's Scariest Places Bates, Jeremy, Suicide Forest (#1) Not started
17 Rewinder Battles, Brett, Rewinder (#1) Not started
18 The World of Aluvia Bearce, Amy, Fairy Keeper (#1) Not started
19 Arcadia Bell Bennett, Jenn, Kindling the Moon (#1) Not started
20 Daughters of Zeus Bevis, Kaitlin, Persephone (#1) Not started
21 Ephemera Bishop, Anne, The Voice (# Prequel) Not started
22 Curse Workers Black, Holly, White Cat (#1) Not started
23 Folk of the Air Black, Holly, The Cruel Prince (#1) Not started
24 A Baba Yaga Novel Blake, Deborah, Wickedly Magical (#0.5) Not started
25 Goddess War Blake, Kendare, The Dogs of Athens (#.1) Not started
26 Three Dark Crowns Blake, Kendare, The Young Queens (#0.5) Not started
27 Twisted Tales Calonita, Jen, Braswell, Liz, Lim, Elizabeth, A Whole New World (#1) Not started
28 Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson Briggs, Patricia, Shifting Shadows (#8.5) 85% (11 of 13)
29 Alpha and Omega Briggs, Patricia, "Seeing Eye" in Strange Brew (#1.5) 38% (3 of 8)
30 The Dresden Files Butcher, Jim, Bombshells (#13.5) 68% (15 of 22)
31 The Cinder Spires Butcher, Jim, The Aeronaut's Windlass (#1) Not started
32 Ender Card, Orson Scott, Xenocide (#3) 46% (6 of 13)
33 First Formic War Card, Orson Scott, Johnston, Aaron, Earth Unaware (#1) Not started
34 The Second Formic War Card, Orson Scott, Johnston, Aaron, The Swarm (#1) Not started
35 Fleet School Card, Orson Scott, Children of the Fleet (#1) Not started
36 Felix Castor Carey, Mike, The Devil You Know (#1) Not started
37 The Blackcoat Rebellion Carter, Aimée, Pawn (#1) Not started
38 The Selection Cass, Kiera, The Prince (#0.5) Not started
39 House of Night Novellas Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Dragon's Oath (#1) Not started
40 House of Night Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Tempted (#6) 29% (5 of 17)
41 House of Night Other World Cast, Kristin, Cast, P C, Loved (#1) Not started
42 Medusa Girls Childs, Tera Lynn, Sweet Venom (#1) Not started
43 The Star-Touched Queen Chokshi, Roshani, Death and Night (#0.5) Not started
44 Goodnight Family Clement-Moore, Rosemary, Texas Gothic (#1) Not started
45 Kingdom on Fire Cluess, Jessica, A Shadow Bright and Burning (#1) Not started
46 Sonja Blue Collins, Nancy A, Sunglasses after Dark (#1) Not started
47 Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne, Current
48 Twenty Palaces Connolly, Harry, Twenty Palaces (#.5) Not started
49 Brooklyn Brujas Cordova, Zoraida, Labyrinth Lost (#1) Not started
50 Sisters of Blood and Spirit Cross, Kady, Sisters of Blood and Spirit (#1) Not started
51 The Dark Side Cunning, Kristy, Four Physcos (#1) Not started
52 Outcast Chronicles Daniells, Rowena Cory, Besieged (#1) Not started
53 Insighter Davidson, MaryJanice, Deja Who (#1) Not started
54 The Witchlands Dennard, Susan, Truthwitch (#1) Not started
55 Taking trilogy Derting, Kimberly, The Taking (#1) Not started
56 Into the Dark Despain, Bree, The Shadow Prince (#1) Not started
57 Chemical Garden DeStefano, Lauren, Wither (#1) Not started
58 Waterfire Saga Donnelly, Jennifer, Deep Blue (#1) Not started
59 Forget Tomorrow Dunn, Pintip, Before Tomorrow (#0.5) Not started
60 Bound Gods Dunne, Rachel, In The Shadow of the Gods (#1) Not started
61 The Foundling Series Edwards, Hailey, Bayou Born (#1) Not started
62 Terra Vane Epstein, Katie, Death Be Blue (#1) Not started
63 Skindancer Francis, Anthony, Frost Moon (#1) Not started
64 Night Huntress Frost, Jeaniene, Happily Never After (#1.5) 15% (2 of 13)
65 Night Huntress World Frost, Jeaniene, First Drop of Crimson (#1) Not started
66 Broken Destiny Frost, Jeaniene, The Beautiful Ashes (#1) Not started
67 American Gods Gaiman, Neil, American Gods (#1) Not started
68 London Below, The World of Neverwhere Gaiman, Neil, Neverwhere (#1) Not started
69 Sisters of the Moon - Otherworld Galenorn, Yasmine, Flight from Hell (#15.5) 64% (18 of 28)
70 Indigo Court Galenorn, Yasmine, Night Veil (#2) 17% (1 of 6)
71 Fly by Night Galenorn, Yasmine, Flight from Hell (#15.5) Not started
72 Whisper Hollow Galenorn, Yasmine, Autumn Thorns (#1) Not started
73 Fury Unbound Galenorn, Yasmine, Fury Rising (#1) Not started
74 Lily Bound Galenorn, Yasmine, Souljacker (#1) Not started
75 Bewitching Bedlam Galenorn, Yasmine, Blood Music (#1) Not started
76 Wild Hunt Galenorn, Yasmine, The Silver Stag (#1) Not started
77 Caraval Garber, Stephanie, Caraval (#1) Not started
78 Charlie Madigan Gay, Kelly, The Better Part of Darkness (#1) Not started
79 Ivory Carver Trilogy Harrison, Sue, My Sister the Moon (#2) 33% (1 of 3)
80 The Shadowfae Chronicles Hayes, Erica, Hellcursed (#0.5) Not started
81 Iron Druid Chronicles Hearne, Kevin, The Grimoire of the Lamb (#0.4) Not started
82 Magic ex Libris Hines, Jim C, Chupacabra's Song (#.5) Not started
83 Wicked Holder, Nancy, Viguie, Debbie, Witch (#1) Not started
84 Everless Holland, Sara, Everless (#1) Not started
85 Splintered Howard, A. G., Splintered (#1) Not started
86 Jane Yellowrock Hunter, Faith, Murphy, C E, WeSa and the Lumber King (#0.1) Not started
87 Soulwood Hunter, Faith, How Occam Got His Name (#0.1) Not started
88 The Collector Hutchison, Dot, The Butterfly Garden (#1) Not started
89 Wintersong Jae-Jones, S., Wintersong (#1) Not started
90 Pax Arcana James, Elliott, Charmed I'm Sure (#0.01) Not started
91 Thousand Nights Johnston, E. K., A Thousand Nights (#1) Not started
92 Uninvited Jordan, Sophie, Uninvited (#1) Not started
93 Blood of Eden Kagawa, Julie, Dawn of Eden (#0.5) Not started
94 Iron Fey Kagawa, Julie, The Iron King (#1) Not started
95 The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten Kagawa, Julie, The Lost Prince (#5) Not started
96 Downside Ghosts (Chess Putnam) Kane, Stacia, The Brave Tale of Maddie Carver (#0.1) Not started
97 Starbound Spooner, Meagan, Kaufman, Amie, The Threads We Weave (#0.5) Not started
98 The Dark Tower King, Stephen, The Wind Through the Keyhole (#4.5) 89% (8 of 9)
99 Shining King, Stephen, Doctor Sleep (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
100 The Bill Hodges Trilogy King, Stephen, Mr. Mercedes (#1) Not started
101 Talisman King, Stephen, Straub, Peter, Black House (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
102 Black London Kittredge, Caitlin, Newlydeads (#0.5) Not started
103 Woodcutter Kontis, Alethea, Enchanted (#1) Not started
104 The Loom Saga Kova, Elise, The Alchemists of Loom (#1) Not started
105 The Nevernight Chronicle Kristoff, Jay, Nevernight (#1) Not started
106 Shadow Grail Lackey, Mercedes, Edghill, Rosemary, Legacies (#1) Not started
107 Tudor Witch Lamb, Victoria, Witchstruck (#1) Not started
108 Time Quintet L'Engle, Madeleine, Current
109 Power of Five Lidell, Alex, Power of Five (#1) Not started
110 Jinni Wars Lough, Amber, The Fire Wish (#1) Not started
111 Throne of Glass Maas, Sarah J, The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (#0.1) Not started
112 Court of Thorns and Roses Maas, Sarah J, A Court of Thorns and Roses (#1) Not started
113 Sword and Verse MacMillan, Kathy, Sword and Verse (#1) Not started
114 Shatter Me Mafi, Tahereh, Shatter Me (#1) Not started
115 Steel & Stone Marie, Annette, Chase the Dark (#1) Not started
116 The Red Winter Trilogy Marie, Annette, Red Winter (#1) Not started
117 Blackwell Pages Armstrong, Kelley, Loki's Wolves (#1) Not started
118 Knights in Black Leather Douglas, Ronnie, Undaunted (#1) Not started
119 Wicked Lovely Marr, Melissa, Stopping Time, Part 1 (#2.5) 33% (3 of 9)
120 Faery Tales & Nightmares Marr, Melissa, Faery Tales & Nightmares (#1) Not started
121 Carnival of Souls Marr, Melissa, Carnival of Souls (#1) Not started
122 Graveminder Marr, Melissa, Guns for the Dead (#2) 50% (1 of 2)
123 Seven Black Diamonds Marr, Melissa, Seven Black Diamonds (#1) Not started
124 The Knots Sequence McCulloch, Amy, The Oathbreaker's Shadow (#1) Not started
125 October Daye McGuire, Seanan, The Fixed Stars (#0.01) Not started
126 Dark Swan Mead, Richelle, Current
127 Vampire Academy Mead, Richelle, Kisses From Hell (#0.5) Not started
128 Bloodlines Mead, Richelle, Adrian's Lost Chapter (#0.5) Not started
129 The Glittering Court Mead, Richelle, The Glittering Court (#1) Not started
130 The Reaper Series Medley, Lisa, Reap & Repent (#1) Not started
131 Serpent of Time Melzer, Jennifer, Current
132 Lunar Chronicles Meyer, Marissa, Glitches (#0.5) Not started
133 MacKayla Lane (Fever) Moning, Karen Marie, Darkfever (#1) Not started
134 Dani O'Malley (Fever World Trilogy) Moning, Karen Marie, Iced (#6) Not started
135 Anne Shirley Montgomery, L. M., Before Green Gables (#0) 80% (8 of 10)
136 Emily Montgomery, L. M., Current
137 Girls of Paper and Fire Ngan, Natasha, Girls of Paper and Fire (#1) Not started
138 Praetor War Nielsen, Jennifer A, Mark of the Thief (#1) Not started
139 Vault of Dreamers O'Brien, Caragh M, Vault of Dreamers (#1) Not started
140 Birthmarked O'Brien, Caragh M, Birthmarked (#1) Not started
141 Delirium Oliver, Lauren, Annabel (#0.5) Not started
142 Abby Sinclair Pang, Allison, Carniepunk (#0.5) Not started
143 Remember Me Pike, Christopher, Current
144 Final Friends Pike, Christopher, The Party (#1) Not started
145 Last Vampire (Thirst) Pike, Christopher, The Last Vampire (#1) Not started
146 Alosha Trilogy Pike, Christopher, Alosha (#1) Not started
147 Witch World Pike, Christopher, Witch World (#1) Not started
148 Chain Letter Pike, Christopher, Chain Letter (#1) Not started
149 Heart of Iron Poston, Ashley, Heart of Iron (#1) Not started
150 Alex Craft Price, Kalayna, Grave Witch (#1) Not started
151 Cheshire Red Reports Priest, Cherie, Bloodshot (#1) Not started
152 Borden Dispatches Priest, Cherie, Maplecroft (#1) Not started
153 The Mayfair Witches Rice, Anne, The Witching Hour (#1) Not started
154 Vampire Chronicles Rice, Anne, The Vampire Armand (#6) 38% (5 of 13)
155 New Tales of the Vampires Rice, Anne, Pandora (#1) Not started
156 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Riordan, Rick, The Lightning Thief (#1) Not started
157 Heroes of Olympus Riordan, Rick, The Lost Hero (#1) Not started
158 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Riordan, Rick, Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (#1) Not started
159 The Trials of Apollo Riordan, Rick, The Hidden Oracle (#1) Not started
160 Persephone Alcmedi Robertson, Linda, Marlboros and Magic (#0.5) Not started
161 Harry Potter Rowling, J. K., Harry Potter: The Prequel (#0.5) 78% (7 of 9)
162 Hogwarts Library Rowling, J. K., Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (#2) 33% (1 of 3)
163 Zodiac Russell, Romina, Zodiac (#1) Not started
164 Raven's Shadow Ryan, Anthony, The Lady of Crows (#0.5) Not started
165 The Forest of Hands and Teeth Ryan, Carrie, Hare Moon (#0.1) Not started
166 Poison's Kiss Shields, Breeana, Poison's Kiss (#1) Not started
167 Everlife Showalter, Gena, Firstlife (#1) Not started
168 Summer of Night Simmons, Dan, Summer of Night (#1) Not started
169 Guild Hunter Singh, Nalini, Angels' Pawn (#0.5) Not started
170 The Crown's Game Skye, Evelyn, The Crown's Game (#1) Not started
171 The Good Daughter Slaughter, Karin, The Last Breath (#0.5) Not started
172 Secret Circle Smith, L. J., The Divide (#4) 50% (3 of 6)
173 The Forbidden Game Smith, L. J., Current
174 Dark Visions Smith, L. J., Current
175 Night World Smith, L. J., Strange Fate (#10) 90% (9 of 10)
176 Night of the Solstice Smith, L. J., The Night of the Solstice (#1) Not started
177 Spellbent Snyder, Lucy, Spellbent (#1) Not started
178 Tale of Beauty and Madness St Crow, Lili, Nameless (#1) Not started
179 Fear Street Relaunch (Hardcover) Stine, R L, Party Games (#1) Not started
180 Fear Street Nights Stine, R L, Moonlight Secrets (#1) Not started
181 Dangerous Girls Stine, R L, Dangerous Girls (#1) Not started
182 Fear Street Sagas Stine, R L, Circle of Fire (#11) 59% (10 of 17)
183 Fear Street Saga Stine, R L, Current
184 Clash of Kingdoms Summerill, Erin, Ever the Hunted (#1) Not started
185 The Paper Gods Sun, Amanda, Shadow (#0.5) Not started
186 Shadow World Sylvan, Dianne, Queen of Shadows (#1) Not started
187 Shimmer and Burn Taranta, Mary, Shimmer and Burn (#1) Not started
188 The Bargainer Thalassa, Laura, Rhapsodic (#1) Not started
189 The Four Horsemen Thalassa, Laura, Pestilence (#1) Not started
190 Shifter's University Thompson, K.R., Shifter's University (#1) Not started
191 Cal and Niko Leandros Thurman, Rob, Nightlife (#1) Not started
192 The Villain Series Valentino, Serena, Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen (#1) Not started
193 Soul Screamers Vincent, Rachel, "My Soul to Lose" (#0.5) Not started
194 Menagerie Vincent, Rachel, Menagerie (#1) Not started
195 The Stars Never Rise Vincent, Rachel, The Stars Never Rise (#1) Not started
196 100 Hours Vincent, Rachel, 100 Hours (#1) Not started
197 Brave New Girl Vincent, Rachel, Brave New Girl (#1) Not started
198 Nissera Chronicles West, Hannah, Kingdom of Ash and Briars (#1) Not started
199 The Immortal Descendants White, April, Marking Time (#1) Not started
200 And I Darken White, Kiersten, And I Darken (#1) Not started
201 McKenzie Lewis Williams, Sandy, The Shadow Reader (#1) Not started
202 Souls of Fire Arthur, Keri, Fireborn (#1) Not started
203 Nikki Glass Black, Jenna, Dark Descendant (#1) Not started
204 Taken Bowman, Erin, Stolen (#0.5) Not started
205 Dorina Basarab, Dhampir Chance, Karen, Zombie's Bite (#0.1) Not started
206 Cassandra Palmer Chance, Karen, The Gauntlet (#0.5) Not started
207 Lia de Croissets Chance, Karen, Rogue Elements (#3.2) Not started
208 Matched Trilogy Condie, Ally, Matched (#1) Not started
209 Avian Shifters Dare, Kim, Duck! (#1) Not started
210 Twilight Meyer, Stephenie, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (#5) 57% (4 of 7)
211 Beautiful Creatures Garcia, Kami, Stohl, Margaret, Beautiful Creatures (#1) Not started
212 Dangerous Creatures Garcia, Kami, Stohl, Margaret, Dangerous Dream (#0.5) Not started
213 Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Story Garcia, Kami, Stohl, Margaret, The Mortal Heart (#1) Not started
214 Immortals Noel, Alyson, Evermore (#1) Not started
215 Ironskin Connolly, Tina, Ironskin (#1) Not started
216 Wicked Years Maguire, Gregory, Tales Told in Oz (#0.5) 20% (1 of 5)
217 Books of Arilland Kontis, Alethea, Enchanted (#1) Not started
218 Heartstrikers Aaron, Rachel, Nice Dragons Finish Last (#1) Not started
219 Sleeping with Monsters Alexander, Cassie, The Haunted (#1) Not started
220 Covenant Armentrout, Jennifer L, Daimon (#0.5) Not started
221 Everneath Ashton, Brodi, Everneath (#1) Not started
222 A Demon's Fall Bailey, G., Runes of Truth (#1) Not started
223 Permafrost Barbieri, Kara, White Stag (#1) Not started
224 Fated Blades Bein, Steve, Only A Shadow (#0) Not started
225 Twenty-Sided Sorceress Bellet, Annie, Justice Calling (#1) Not started
226 Zellie Wells Benefiel, Stacey Wallace, Glimpse (#1) Not started
227 Whispering Woods Berry, Brinda, The Waiting Booth (#1) Not started
228 Modern Tale of Faerie Black, Holly, Tithe (#1) Not started
229 Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer, Paxson, Diana L, The Mists of Avalon (#1) Not started
230 Nikki Kill Brown, Jennifer, Shade Me (#1) Not started
231 Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Bryan, J L, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (#1) Not started
232 Honors Caine, Rachel, Aguirre, Ann, Honor Among Thieves (#1) Not started
233 The Parrish Chronicles Camp, Shannen Crane, Parrish (#1) Not started
234 Kushiel's Legacy Carey, Jacqueline, Kushiel's Dart (#1) Not started
235 Agent of Hel Carey, Jacqueline, Dark Currents (#1) Not started
236 Dark Secrets Chandler, Elizabeth, Legacy of Lies (#1) Not started
237 The Adventures of Owl Charish, Kristi, Owl and the Japanese Circus (#1) Not started
238 Kincaid Strange Charish, Kristi, The Voodoo Killings (#1) Not started
239 The Girl from the Well Chupeco, Rin, The Girl from the Well (#1) Not started
240 Mad Magic Saga Conway, Nicole, Mad Magic (#01) Not started
241 The Judah Black Novels Copen, E.A., Fortunate Son (#0) Not started
242 The Lazarus Codex Copen, E.A., Death Rites (#1) Not started
243 Vampire's Mage Crawford, C. N., Magic Hunter (#1) Not started
244 The Memento Mori Witch Trilogy Crawford, C. N., The Witching Elm (#1) Not started
245 Demons of Fire and Night Crawford, C. N., Infernal Magic (#1) Not started
246 Dark Fae FBI Crawford, C. N., Fallen Fae (#0.5) Not started
247 Spy Among the Fallen Crawford, C. N., Covert Fae (#1) Not started
248 Zodiac Curse: Harem of Light Crawford, C. N., Dawn of Eternal Day (#1) Not started
249 Institute of the Shadow Fae Crawford, C. N., Court of Shadows (#1) Not started
250 The Veil DaCosta, Pippa, Wings Of Hope (#0.5) Not started
251 Colbana Files Walker, Shiloh, Daniels, J. C., A Stroke of Dumb Luck (#0.5) Not started
252 Devil's Night Douglas, Penelope, Corrupt (#1) Not started
253 Stitch Trilogy Durante, Samantha, Stitch (#1) Not started
254 The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy Edwards, Hailey, How to Save an Undead Life (#1) Not started
255 The Fatemarked Epic Estes, David, Fatemarked (#1) Not started
256 Gilded Farley, Christina L., Gilded (#1) Not started
257 Of Metal and Wishes Fine, Sarah, Of Shadows and Obsession (#0.5) Not started
258 Incarceron Fisher, Catherine, Incarceron (#1) Not started
259 Princesses of Myth Friesner, Esther, Nobody's Princess (#1) Not started
260 Discovery Gordon, Kate, Thyla (#1) Not started
261 Rolling in the Deep Grant, Mira, Rolling in the Deep (#1) Not started
262 Mercy Temple Graves, Ciara, Acts of Mercy (#1) Not started
263 Gillian Key, ParaDoc Gryphon, Talia, Key to Conflict (#1) Not started
264 The Black Sun's Daughter Hanover, M. L. N., Unclean Spirits (#1) Not started
265 Aaron Falk Harper, Jane, The Dry (#1) Not started
266 Midnight, Texas Harris, Charlaine, Midnight Crossroad (#1) Not started
267 Haunting Violet Harvey, Alyxandra, Haunting Violet (#1) Not started
268 Everlast Haygert, Juliana, Destiny Gift (#1) Not started
269 Tiger's Curse Houck, Colleen, Tiger's Promise (#0.5) Not started
270 Alex Verus Jacka, Benedict, Fated (#1) Not started
271 Inheritance Trilogy Jemisin, N. K., The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (#1) Not started
272 Sentinels of New Orleans Johnson, Suzanne, Royal Street (#1) Not started
273 Need Jones, Carrie, Need (#1) Not started
274 Charley Davidson Jones, Darynda, First Grave On the Right (#1) Not started
275 Shadow Of The Fox Kagawa, Julie, Shadow Of The Fox (#1) Not started
276 Steampunk Red Riding Hood Karsak, Melanie, Wolves and Daggers: A Steampunk Fairy Tale (#1) Not started
277 A Curse So Dark and Lonely Kemmerer, Brigid, A Curse So Dark and Lonely (#1) Not started
278 Nola O'Grady Kerr, Katharine, License to Ensorcell (#1) Not started
279 The Hundredth Queen King, Emily R, The Hundredth Queen (#1) Not started
280 Elemental Origins Knorr, A.L., Returning: Episode I (#0.5) Not started
281 Lotus War Trilogy Kristoff, Jay, Praying for Rain (#0.5) Not started
282 Void City Lewis, J F, Staked (#1) Not started
283 The Thorn Chronicles Loth, Kimberly, Kissed (#1) Not started
284 Coveted Madison, Shawntelle, Bitter Disenchantment (#0.4) Not started
285 The Iron Witch Mahoney, Karen, The Lost Boy (#0.5) Not started
286 The Name of the Blade Marriott, Zoë, The Night Itself (#1) Not started
287 Mage Chronicles Mazurkiewicz, Joanna, Wyvern Awakening (#1) Not started
288 Wayward Children McGuire, Seanan, Every Heart a Doorway (#1) Not started
289 Ghost Stories McGuire, Seanan, Sparrow Hill Road (#1) Not started
290 Incryptid McGuire, Seanan, Westward Weird (#0.01) Not started
291 The Wild Rites McIlwraith, Anna, The Jaguar King (#1) Not started
292 Touched by Magic Meira, Ashley, Hidden Magic (#1) Not started
293 Let the Sky Fall Messenger, Shannon, Let the Sky Fall (#1) Not started
294 New Crobuzon Miéville, China, Perdido Street Station (#1) Not started
295 Mask of Shadows Miller, Linsey, Mask of Shadows (#1) Not started
296 Soul Charmer Mueller, Chelsea, Borrowed Souls (#1) Not started
297 Walker Papers Murphy, C E, Urban Shaman (#1) Not started
298 Silk and Steel DaCosta, Pippa, Nash, Ariana, Sealed with a Kiss (#0.5) Not started
299 Chaos Walking Ness, Patrick, The New World (#0.5) Not started
300 Strands of Bronze and Gold Nickerson, Jane, Strands of Bronze and Gold (#1) Not started
301 Who Fears Death Okorafor, Nnedi, The Book of Phoenix (#0.5) Not started
302 Broken Tides Payne, Catherine Jones, A Gathering Temptest (#0.5) Not started
303 Hoodoo Phoenix, Adrian, Black Dust Mambo (#1) Not started
304 The Witch's Rebels Piper, Sarah, Shadow Kissed (#1) Not started
305 PsyCop Price, Jordan Castillo, Inside Out (#0.1) Not started
306 Coalition of Mages Raby, Amy, The Fire Seer (#1) Not started
307 Descent Reine, S M, Death's Avatar (#0.5) Not started
308 Sixth World Roanhorse, Rebecca, Trail of Lightning (#1) Not started
309 Hidden Sins Robert, Katee, The Devil's Daughter (#1) Not started
310 House of Furies Roux, Madeleine, House of Furies (#1) Not started
311 Asylum Roux, Madeleine, Escape From Asylum (#0.5) Not started
312 Skyward Sanderson, Brandon, Skyward (#1) Not started
313 Mistborn Sanderson, Brandon, Eleventh Metal (#0.5) Not started
314 The Reckoners Sanderson, Brandon, Steelheart (#1) Not started
315 The Marked Scardoni, Bianca, Inception (#1) Not started
316 Ash Princess Sebastian, Laura, Ash Princess (#1) Not started
317 Transplanted Tales SeRine, Kate, Red (#1) Not started
318 Zero at the Bone Seville, Jane, Zero at the Bone (#1) Not started
319 Abra Sheckley, Alisa, Better to Hold You (#1) Not started
320 Dark Horse Sherwood, Kate, Dark Horse (#1) Not started
321 The Good Daughter Slaughter, Karin, The Last Breath (#0.5) Not started
322 WVMP Radio Smith-Ready, Jeri, Wicked Game (#1) Not started
323 Aspect of Crow Smith-Ready, Jeri, The Wild's Call (#.5) Not started
324 Strange Angels St Crow, Lili, Strange Angels (#1) Not started
325 Immortal Vegas Stark, Jenn, One Wilde Night (#0.5) Not started
326 Last Vampire (with Jaelynn Woolf) Steffan, R. A., The Last Vampire: Book One (#1) Not started
327 Legion of Angels Summers, Ella, Vampire's Kiss (#1) Not started
328 An Ember in the Ashes Tahir, Sabaa, An Ember in the Ashes (#1) Not started
329 The Korsak Brothers Thurman, Rob, Chimera (#1) Not started
330 Trickster Thurman, Rob, Trick of the Light: A Trickster Novel (#1) Not started
331 Kitty Norville Vaughn, Carrie, Kitty and the Midnight Hour (#1) Not started
332 Hollow Verday, Jessica, The Hollow (#1) Not started
333 Nine Tails Weil, J. L., First Shift (#1) Not started
334 Mind Games White, Kiersten, Annie and Fia (#0.5) Not started
335 Blood and Gold Wilkins, Kim, The Crown of Rowan (#0.5) Not started
336 Darkly, Madly Duet Wolfe, Trisha, Born, Darkly (#1) Not started
337 The Girl King Yu, Mimi, The Girl King (#1) Not started
338 Captive Prince Pacat, C S, Captive Prince: Volume One (#1) Not started
339 A Warrior's Past Anonymous,, The Legends of Eve (#1) Not started
340 The Omega Prophecy Ash, Nora, Ragnarok Rising (#1) Not started
341 Nighthelm Academy Ash, Olivia, City of the Sleeping Gods (#1) Not started
342 Demon Queen Saga Ash, Olivia, Princes of the Underworld (#1) Not started
343 Sentinel Ash, Olivia, The Shadow Shifter (#1) Not started
344 The Dark Dreamer Duell, Amber R., Dream Keeper (#1) Not started
345 Tales of Aether and Soul Dumitra, Miriam R., Brightshade (#1) Not started
346 Off Balance Franco, Lucia, Balance (#1) Not started
347 Starwood Galenorn, Yasmine, The Longest Night (#1) Not started
348 Savagery and Skills Graves, Ciara, Savage Secrets (#1) Not started
349 Magic & Alchemy Graves, Ciara, Hexing (#1) Not started
350 Cruel and Beautiful World Hancock, L. Stoddard, Broken Wings (#1) Not started
351 Rite of the Vampire Saga Haygert, Juliana, The Vampire Heir (#1) Not started
352 Rite of the Warlock Haygert, Juliana, The Warlock Lord (#1) Not started
353 The Fire Heart Chronicles Haygert, Juliana, Heart Seeker (#1) Not started
354 Sea Witch Henning, Sarah, Sea Witch (#1) Not started
355 Dreamwalker Hooley, Maria Rachel, Dreamwalker (#1) Not started
356 Kana Cold Hunter, KC, Case of the Shinigami (#0.5) Not started
357 Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Kitt, Selena, Temptation (#1) Not started
358 The Moonlit Lands Marriott, Zoë, Shadows on the Moon (#1) Not started
359 Warlon Chronicles Mazurkiewicz, Joanna, Betrayed By Destiny (#1) Not started
360 Doomed Cases Mazurkiewicz, Joanna, Hush-Hush (#0.5) Not started
361 Essential Elements Middaugh, Elle, Elemental Secrets (#1) Not started
362 Darkling Mage Noor, Nazri, Penumbra (#0.5) Not started
363 Tribe Ross, Kaelyn, The Red Hand (#1) Not started
364 New Reign Sage, May, Till Dawn Do Us Part (#1) Not started
365 Court of Sin Sage, May, Frostbound Throne: Song of Night (#1) Not started
366 Strands of Starfire Sage, May, Reign (#1) Not started
367 Lost Children Street, Krista, Awakened (#0) Not started
368 The Bearer of Truth Turner, Miranda, Shadowing the Light (#1) Not started
369 The Color Alchemist Walker, Nina, Prism (#1) Not started
370 Daughter of Xanadu Yang, Dori Jones, Daughter of Xanadu (#1) Not started
371 Stillhouse Lake Caine, Rachel, Stillhouse Lake (#1) Not started
372 The Demon's Assistant Centanni, Tori, The Demon's Deadline (#1) Not started
373 The Reluctant Werewolf Chronicles Centanni, Tori, Moon Cursed (#1) Not started
374 Messenger of Fear Grant, Michael, Messenger of Fear (#1) Not started
375 Everything We Keep Lonsdale, Kerry, Everything We Keep (#1) Not started
376 Nora Jacobs May, Jackie, Don't Rush Me (#1) Not started
377 Facets of Feyrie Parker, Zoe, Elusion (#1) Not started
378 The Unsylum Parker, Zoe, Up With The Crows (#1) Not started
379 The Bone Coven Chronicles Wolfhart, Jenna, Witch's Mark (#0.5) Not started
380 Otherworld Academy Wolfhart, Jenna, A Dance With Darkness (#1) Not started
381 Dark Fae Academy Wolfhart, Jenna, A Cage of Moonlight (#1) Not started
382 The Paranormal PI Files Wolfhart, Jenna, A Faerie Bad Mistake (#0.5) Not started
383 Finding Paradise Breene, K. F., Fate of Perfection (#1) Not started
384 Echo Trilogy Fairleigh, Lindsey, Echo in Time (#1) Not started
385 Kat Dubois Chronicles Fairleigh, Lindsey, Ink Witch (#1) Not started
386 The Four Frost, Layla, Styx (#1) Not started
387 Beast Mates Jacks, Milana, Virgin Beast Mate (#0) Not started
388 The Girl Who Dared Forrest, Bella, The Girl Who Dared to Think (#1 ) Not started
389 Beautiful Monster Forrest, Bella, Beautiful Monster (#1) Not started
390 Shade Of Vampire Forrest, Bella, A Shade Of Vampire (#1) Not started
391 Henri Dunn Centanni, Tori, The Immortality Cure (#1) Not started
392 Brimstone Magic Centanni, Tori, Demon Fire (#1) Not started
393 Shayne Davies May, Jackie, The Devil To Pay (#1) Not started
394 The Demon Hunter Silver, Leah, Coven of Magic (#1) Not started
395 The Five Towers Simmons, J.B., The Blue Tower (#1) Not started
396 Driftwood Myster Tyler, A.L., Bait & Switch (#1) Not started
397 Protectors of Magic Wolfhart, Jenna, Wings of Stone (#1) Not started
398 Order of the Fallen Wolfhart, Jenna, Ruinous (#1) Not started
399 Unraveled World Fabel, Alicia, Siphon Magic (#1) Not started
400 Other Side of Midnight Sheldon, Sidney, The Other Side of Midnight (#1) Not started
401 Witcher Sapkowski, Andrzej, The Last Wish (#1) Not started
402 Philadelphia Legal Myers Jr, William L, A Criminal Defense (#1) Not started
403 Let The Right One In Lindqvist, John Ajvide, Let The Right One In (#1) Not started
404 Goblin King, Shadowlands Husk, Shona, The Summons (#0) Not started
405 Half Moon Bay Ford, Rhys, Fish Stick Fridays (#1) Not started
406 Men in Chains Roane, Caris, Born in Chains (#1) Not started