by Tim Waggoner, Jeff Mariotte, Yvonne Navarro, J G Passarella, Keith R A DeCandido, Christa Faust, Rebecca Dessertine, Cam Banks, Joe Schreiber, Rebecca Dessertine, Peter Johnson, Andrew Dabb, Diego Olmos, Daniel Loflin,

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Books in the Supernatural series

#1 Nevermore
#2 Witch's Canyon
#3 Bone Key
#4 Heart of the Dragon
#5 The Unholy Cause
#6 War of the Sons
#7 One Year Gone
#8 Coyote's Kiss
#9 Night Terror
#10 Rite of Passage
#12 Carved in Flesh
#13 Cold Fire
#14 Mythmaker
#14 Guide to the Hunted
#15 The Usual Sacrifices
#RPG Supernatural Role Playing Game
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