The Infernal Devices: Extras series

by Cassandra Clare,

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Books in the The Infernal Devices: Extras series series

#1.1 Clockwork Angel: On The Bridge
#1.2 Clockwork Angel: Chapter 2 "Hell Is Cold" Deleted Scene
#1.3 Clockwork Angel: Burning Bright
#1.4 Clockwork Angel: Why Will Hates Ducks
#1.5 Clockwork Angel: Of Loss
#1.6 Clockwork Angel: Chapter 14 "Blackfriars Bridge" Deleted Scene
#1.7 Clockwork Angel: Chapter 17 "Call The Darkness Down" Deleted Scene
#1.8 Clockwork Angel: Will's Letter to His Family
#2.1 Clockwork Prince: An Offering of Moonlight
#2.2 Clockwork Prince: Chapter 17 "In Dreams" Deleted Scene
#2.3 Clockwork Prince: Will's Love Letter to Tessa
#2.4 Clockwork Prince: The Whole of It
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