American Explorers

by Laura Parker, Peter T Blairson, James Raymond, Neal Barrett Jr, Fred Lawrence, Michael Beahan, Richard Woodley, Greg Hunt, Lee Bishop, Guy Forvé, William Krasner,

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Books in the American Explorers series

#1 Jed Smith: Freedom River
#2 Lewis and Clark: Northwest Glory
#3 Jim Bridger, Mountain Man
#4 Daniel Boone: Westward Trail
#5 John Fremont: California Bound
#6 Kit Carson: Trapper King
#7 Zebulon Pike: Pioneer Destiny
#8 Marcus Whitman: Frontier Mission
#9 Francis Parkman: Dakota Legend
#10 Escalante: Wilderness Path
#11 Davy Crockett: Frontier Fighter
#12 Alexander Mackenzie: Lone Courage
#13 John Bozeman: Mountain Journey
#14 Joseph Walker: Frontier Sheriff
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